Argh, faster, faster!

G'day all!

I'm going to An Event on the weekend.  I'll tell you more when I'm there.

For this Event, I have to have a new piece of knitwear ready for said event.


Lovely button bands

All of the bands are done, thank heavens, the ends have to be woven in and oh did



that it only has


of one sleeve done?

The lonely part sleeve

I am intending to wear a long sleeved cardigan, not a short sleeved one or a vest/waistcoat.  Or some weird half sleeve on one side and a long sleeve on the other.

I can see that I will still be knitting this on the way to the Event.

I shall blame work for it - I worked two days that I normally don't work on but when we are trying to get products out the door, it takes a bit of extra effort.  I've basically been insanely busy recently, trying to clear the decks.

nb the quinces still await me finishing them off and either freezing or bottling them.  And one of my eyes is getting a tic...



  1. Don't waste a moment, get knitting!!!

  2. Are you going to Rhinebeck, you lucky girl? The sweater looks gorgeous! How did you do the stripes...jogless, or just round and round? Inquiring minds need to know!


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