Now you see it...

G'day all!

Holy crap, it has rained today.  30mm and counting.  Seattle is stuck in another atmospheric river/Pineapple Express.  The forecast is for rain.  It is going to be grey for days if I can believe the forecast.

Must clean the deck up, when
it stops raining!

Yet on the other side of the Cascades, it was lovely due to the rain shadow!

After the triumph of getting my new cardie ready enough to wear at the first day of Rhinebeck, I am now pulling one of the sleeves out.

Sleeves, with cuffs!

Y'see I was silly enough to follow the pattern when I know, from previous experience, that the designer likes tight arms.

I have lymphedema in one arm.

This informs pretty much everything I do with that arm.  It dictates the sorts of clothes I wear, what sorts of movements (or more lack of movement and bracing and carrying) I can do with that arm, the sort of care I have to give the skin.

And I can't wear anything that binds the arm (except the medical sleeve!).  If the armhole is too tight, I can't wear that item.  If the sleeve grabs at me, I can't wear that item.

The offending sleeve

And the sleeve sorta did, especially with a layer underneath and it is wool, which the delicate parts of my skin often object to.

So a-ripping we will go!  Or better, a-frogging we will go, a-frogging we will go!  Hi ho the derry-o a-frogging we will go.

Frogging.  Rip it, rippit!

Once I have a few more stitches in that sleeve, I'll knit it down to the wrist, cos cute as 3/4 sleeves are, I don't really see the point of them.  Either it is cold enough that I want a cardie on or it is warm enough that I don't, and if I'm wearing a tank top I can't wear a wool cardie anyway - I grab a cotton one.

Then I will have to pull out the cuff and knit the other sleeve to the wrist as well!  This means the cardie will take just over two full skeins of the main colour and one full skein of the contrast (which may be one reason for the shorter sleeves in the pattern!).

I got heaps of comments on the cardie, btw - people asking me about it or more often saying they had it in their ravelry queue and they want to make it but hadn't seen it on.  It does have its quirks but it is still striking.  And I will have a shoot of it when it is done!



  1. Isn't it great that you can just unravel it and then knit it the way you want. I'm looking forward to seeing this stripey cardi!


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