Slowly slowly

G'day all!

I'm sneaking under the wire here!

Not much to report today - I'm making slow but steady progress on the Stripes Gone Crazy - it now has the bottom ribbing, the neckband done and most of one button band.  You do the bands before you do the sleeves - there's less bulk and stuff to get in the way, though this is a very lightweight cardie, being knitted in sock weight yarn on 4mm needles.

A little preview of the back.  Colour is a bit
bleached out and the pink blob is back!  Already!

I worked again today - am trying to get something out and yesterday had forgotten about a hair appointment.  Whoops!  Anyway, the module is kicking and screaming and does not want me to finish it quickly.  Things are busting that worked until loaded onto moodle (some of you will have heard of moodle...).

The weather is steadily going downhill.  I did see some blue sky today, around sunset, when the clouds broke up for a while.  We've been having temperatures around 20C for the last week or two, but next week will drop down to 14C with rain very likely.  Brrr!  Will have to get the heater (aka furnace) going again - I don't think we ever turned the pilot light off.  I'd best do that whilst we can still have fresh air blowing through the house too so that the burnt dust smell can clear quickly.

Well it was almost blue sky...

The garage also creeps towards being finished.  DH worked on the person door today and we fixed up some of the shingles too.  Yep, we have shingles.  Painted shingles.  I love them in some ways and I don't like them in other ways but they are much better than fibro-cement (dunno what that is in American - cement sheet?  waterproof sheets of stuff that you can use for cladding).

Oh dear, didn't post before midnight!  Silly me!  Time for bed.



  1. You just made that Moodle word up!! Your stripes look fun! We're the hairdressers angry at you or were the nice about it? Do you know after all these years I don't actually know what you do for work.


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