Blown away

G'day all!

I'm doing pretty well with this blogging every day for Blogtober.  I've missed a couple since I started nearly 20 days ago but I did travel and sometimes it catches up with me.

It's actually been amazingly difficult getting my feet back on the ground after the New York trip.  I've had no energy for days.  Manhattan is high energy, lots of over-stimulation, lots of noise and visuals and I don't always respond well to that.  I like my slower pace here in Seattle.  I actually do pretty well with the over-stimulation for a while but it does wear me out.

Of course since I got back, the weather has been mostly foul.  We've had quite a bit of rain and some weather that's gone from dreadful to pleasant and then back to pretty dreadful again.  Not having sun in the morning makes a huge difference to waking up - when it is grey grey grey, unrelentingly grey and drizzly, it takes a lot more effort to get going.

We had half an hour of sun today!
Wish it had lasted longer.

Anyway, tonight is an exciting night.  It is pretty blowy outside.  An intense low pressure system is making its way over us and I can hear it is trying to blow the house down.  It will take a bit more that some strong winds to take out this place!

Today I went over to the Best of the Northwest, an "art" show that is really high end arts and crafts.  I knew that Nicole Flood of Flood Clothing would be there.  She makes all sorts of stuff that I really like wearing.

And as always I came home with a couple more items to wear.  I almost came home with some other things as well (from other places) but managed to restrain myself, mostly due to fit issues.  My poor budget is shot to pieces so it's just as well.

I can't even get decent pictures of the new dresses/tunics.  It is just horrendously dull here and I don't like the shots the phone takes with its flash.

The splash of light was pretty cool

Oddly enough, though I found some lovely things there, I came home feeling flat.  Maybe it is the dull weather.  Maybe it is the creativity at the place.  I just came home feeling very boring and dull.  Now I know that that is not necessarily true and I'm not jealous of these people who have found their passion(s) - I have plenty of things in my life, I just want to break out and do something ... else....  I get restless in dull weather, seeking sensation, seeking light and warmth.  I got like this last year too.  I keep reminding myself that it is only two months to Christmas (EEP!) and then the days will start getting longer, though the weather gets more foul, and the in laws will be here for Christmas and it will be excellent.  I have plenty to look forward to, I just have a restlessness inside.

I might have to treat it by doing all the things I've been avoiding, like house work.  I also have to source new tubs for things that are going on the shelves in the garage.  DH was sorta planning to use cardboard boxes but they aren't very useful for seeing into.  His way of dealing with that is to take a picture of the things in the box and print it but that isn't really workable either - every time something is taken out of the box, you need a new pic and that is not cost effective.   I want to see into the box without opening it.

Also can I just have a moment to rant.  Yes the weather is not great but it isn't bucketing down on the roads, so why oh why do people have to do 20 mile an hour in t'middle of t'road when they are in a 30 or 35 zone?  (If you translate that to kmh, you will be shocked by how slow it is - 20 mph is about 30 kmh)  Why do they have to brake at each corner?  Is this the corner I want?  Or this?  Or this?  Or this?  Or this?  They don't find the corner until they drive past it and jam on the brakes.  But hooray, they were only doing 15 mph so everything is good!  I'd call them Los Angelinos except I think even they deal with a bit of rain with more aplomb.

And I pulled the sleeve of the cardigan out again.  It was too big!  LOL  Topping it off nicely, the knitting looked very uneven cos I was recycling the yarn that had made the previous version.  Recycled yarn tends to be bumpy and lumpy.  Anyway, now I am almost bored enough with the thing to put it in a time out.  I wanna make something else, something fast on bigger needles, something to get my mojo back with.  Or something small but quick.  I am all about results and I'm not getting results from my current knitting.



  1. I know what you mean about getting sort of burnt out on a fairly complex and longish project, Lynne. I had to take a little break before I finally finished my Ravello, and here's the cute little baby shrug I made for our grand-niece, Olivia: This was a REALLY fun knit, and since I made the 18 mo. size I finished in two days...almost instant gratification. I liked it so much in the raspberry worsted that I ran out to Bowral and picked up some mid-blue 8 ply and I'm in the middle of making another one for her! Highly recommended...

  2. I remember you got restless last year too, I wonder if it's a weather thing. It could be just from being a bit tired from your recent trip. I know I had a few floppy days after our last trip. I hope you find inspiration soon. Plastic see through crates do sound more practical than cardboard.


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