Rhinebeck, day two

G'day all!

Well that was the weekend that was!  I am hammered.  Lots of walking,  overwhelming sights and sounds,  so many people....

The Miss Babs stall was a seething mass of humanity both days but I bravely fought my way in today.  I wanted me some miss babs again.  I bought some years ago in San Jose at stitches west but I deleted it from my stash when I went off tencel blend yarns.

People were going nuts over dragonfly fibres too.  Into the whirled looked like yarn eating locusts had fallen on it by the end of the show.   I haven't worked out exactly what makes one yarn dyer really popular,  apart from obvious things like the yarn harlot (my phone doesn't want to type harlot) knitting something with it.

I managed to spy a fellow bc peep simply because she was carrying a very distinctive bag.  Yay, finally got to meet someone!  I didn't manage to catch up with anyone else but life is rough,  etc etc.

You want to see my loot,  don't you?   Well you can't,  yet.  It's getting dark quote early now and it was dark by the time we got off the train,  so no pics yet.

Instead,  have a pic of a handful of the amazing shawls at the fibre optic yarn stall.  I might fire up the laptop tomorrow and see if I can do a proper post. Doing them on the phone is a pita,  and I have so many pics to share!



  1. That display of shawls is fabulous!! I bet you feel like knitting a shawl now... well, once you recover from your big weekend.


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