Aw crap!

G'day all!

So I'm knitting away on my cardigan.  Knitting knitting knitting.

Hmm, that's odd.

The needles I'm using are ... 0.5mm narrower in diameter than they should be.

Aw dangit!  I've been using the needles for the ribbing on the whole sleeve.  On both whole sleeves.

Confused rhodo.  Wrong season, dude!

Just as well that I'd only gotten about 8 rows into the new sleeve then.

Rip it back again and start with the right size needle.

Golden grove

Now the other sleeve is a full inch less in circumference.  It is the sleeve that can be snugger fitting without a problem.  Hmm.  Do I leave it or do I rip it back too?  The problem there is since the colour blocks are 20 rows each, I broke the colour off at each colour change.  With the thicker needles, I won't have enough yarn to complete the 20 rounds.

Are these birds cosmopolitan?  Yes, but this pair
might be the American species, not the Eurasian

(Can you believe I just had to do a logic check there?  And it is correct - I still have to do 20 rounds of X stitches, and the larger the diameter needles, the more yarn I'll need.  If I had to do 5cm of knitting on X stitches, I might only need about the same amount of yarn because 5cm may equal only be 15 rounds of X stitches on the bigger needles rather than 20 rounds of X stitches on the smaller needles.  The number of rows per centimetre varies depending on the needle size and the yarn.)

Red red leaves, plus some yellow

Anyway, it is amazing what a few moments of inattention can do, the cascading problems that arise from one simple mistake: I did not pick up the correct needle.

That's more like it!  Green lake!

Thank heavens it is only knitting, not something that cannot be undone,  cannot be changed.  If only all of life were like that, except I would never get past certain points, always going back and undoing and trying to just get it right this time, stuck in my own groundhog day.  Some things cannot be mended, but I can go back and fix my knitting, if I want to.  It isn't always worth it.  Some things in life are not always worth it either.

Serene not very green Green Lake

So it was not the designer's fault that the sleeves were snug, it was mine for using the wrong size needles.  Sigh.

Birches, again

Weather is still pretty average.  I have to be ready tomorrow with the emergency food and lighting as a deep low is rumbling up the coast and we are promised 30-40mph winds later in the day.  As soon as it gets windy around here, the power goes out.  We've been lucky so far but it can't last and having at least a source of light would be a very good idea.  As for cooking?  I guess we'll starve cos we have electric stove!  But we'll have hot water.

Rushes and sun

I did a little, very little, walk at Green Lake today.  It wasn't so much green (mostly) as silver, reflecting the clouds.

Silver lake.



  1. Are you doing the sleeves again?? Isn't it great that you can. It will be the most spendid cardy in the Universe when it's finished!!


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