Rush rush rush

G'day all!

Everything seems to be so very busy at the moment.  I'm running from one thing to the next.

Currently I am really glad that I decided to shut the windows box down tonight instead of sleeping it.  It is doing updates and they seem to be doozies!  It's been running flat chat for about 15 minutes.  Might not help that it is running over wireless, oops.  If it did this when I was trying to work on it, and it has done updates and happily shut itself down when I've gone off to the loo or to get some water or just for a quick break, I'd be peeved!

The gas meter looked lonely

I have installed four different hydrangeas in the garden.  It is missing hydrangeas, though it has one rhododendron and four lavender bushes.  Now it is no longer missing hydrangeas.

Now it has three hydrangeas near it.
I may have to prune them.

This one has lovely autumn leaves

And this one has an iris buddy, also
a new transplant

It is getting to be late in the planting season now but the soil is still pretty warm and the rains have started so the plants will get their roots going before next summer.  Hopefully they won't be drowned in the mean time....

The quinces are all peeled and chopped up and now being bottled, well two quart jars are at least.  I thought I'd get a bit more of them than that.  There's only a couple of cups of them left over, and the bottom of the pot is in a bit of a state.... they still taste yummy despite the overt, ahem,  caramelisation.   Anyway I thought quarts would be the right amount for making decent sized crumbles and tarts out of, and if they are too big, I shall just have to make the twice in a week!  Woe is us.

I've made great strides with work, which is excellent as we really want to have products out there and people buying them.  It doesn't mean the product is released but it is making its way through testing.  Yay!

We even got a bit of a light show at sunset after a fairly dreary day.  How amazing!

And now it is well and truly time for bed.



  1. At least in your rushing you get a lot of things done. Your gas meter must be happy with you garden you have planted around it. I've got a hankering for quince paste now.


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