I did it my...

G'day all!

Today was a day of walking.  It started off pretty average,  lots of drizzle and rain,  and to get food supplies I had to walk 10 blocks, poor widdle me.  The rain and wind blowing in my face made it seem a lot further.

I eventually made it back, after doing an unnecessary lap of the empire state building,  not helpful when you are lugging a bag chock full of food.

And then, suddenly it was sunny. All I did was devour half a chicken and the sun came out!  Wish that happened more often,  and if it really did work that I have to eat half a chicken (cooked,  of course!) to make the sun come out,  I'd be eating a LOT of chicken,  let me tell you!

So I took off to soho and checked out that area,  went to a lovely yarn shop there that also have lovely fabrics,  and then walked to the Friends pop up shop, labeled central perk, say and knitted in a park for a while,  walked  to a quilt shop,  where I dropped some money but thankfully got a fair whack of quilting material in return,  and finally walked back to current home and collapsed in front of the tv with my knitting.

I was halfway back when I remembered to turn on the pedometer on the phone.  After a walk to get dinner,  I only did 8500 steps,  but that isn't including half the walks I did today.

No wonder my toes hurt.  And isn't technology grand,  even if it seems I still can't insert pics where I want to in a post from the phone?



  1. Oh NewYork...
    I like your idea of eating chicken to make it rain.
    I love the contrast of the 2 photos!


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