And then the grey

G'day all!

One thing about grey days - today I sat down and put in a decent chunk of time on my work.  Admittedly, I spent double the hours fixing things up that I expected I would take, but some of the stuff I was fixing is not exactly cooperative, or at least the program I'm using isn't.  Plus I'm using an older version of the program and it doesn't work the same way that the current one does and the fixes that worked on the newer version don't work as well on the old version.

All very mysterious.  It will be fixed eventually, just not as soon as I would like it to be.

Capitol Hill got a bit of sun late in the day

So today was grey.  Gray, as can be expected when the sad and tattered remnants of a cyclone pass by.  Winds were negligible, but the rain sure hung around for long enough (and we got 14 mm) and the grey for longer.   The clouds were moving along at a good pace though and we started to see a bit of blue sky by the end of the day.

In between cussing out the program that was driving me bonkers, again, I got some sweet baby knitting done.  May I present Entrechat

Two strands of Bendi baby yarn held together

Colour is somewhere between these two shots
 minus its button.  I have an extensive range of buttons and none of them are quite right.  I think it needs a yellow daisy button and I've got one but it is too small and the wrong shape.  What a shame, I need to go find more buttons.  Woe is me.

Texture band, colour is still too pale, not yellow enough

I really like the texture band and whilst the ruffle looks dorky sitting on a laptop case, it looks really cute on babies, so hopefully it will look cute on its recipient, when I work out who that recipient is!

I think I'll make another one in a light, bright aqua yarn that I have.  Then I can send one to each of the babies I know.  It only took two days to knit up, and one of those days I did heaps of work too.

Offering a ray of hope

I'd better enjoy Wednesday, they are forecasting another inch of rain for Thursday, and then rain, rain, rain, rain and a bit more rain for the rest of the forecast period (seven days).  Rain for my birthday, as usual.  At least I know not to go back to the dreadful place we went last year - they burnt my dinner in reheating it (it wasn't even cooked from scratch), half of it was inedible and then ignored my complaints completely.  And it was my birthday dinner!  Grump.

I also have to work out a Halloween costume.  We've been invited to a neighbour's place for Halloween - they do it there rather than having the kids trawl up and down the street.  Will have to see if I've got any good Goth gear left and make me into a vampire or something.  I might need a wig cos I'm not dying my hair.  DH?  Hmm, he will probably go in tie dye, but that is normal for him.



  1. Those clouds are very big and grey, like big whales in the sky! It must be fun knitting baby things because they get finished in no time. That colour is really lovely. Have fun coming up with costumes!

  2. Woo-hoo! Entrechat turned out really cute, Lynne! I'll bet the aqua one will be really cute, too. Have fun looking for just the right button...I often find that's the hardest part!


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