A miracle

G'day all!

I'm keeping up the blogtobering, even when I have little of major excitement to report.  Well little if you don't like quinces, but if you do like them and are local or visiting, well do I have treat for you!

Today I started peeling and chopping up these:


And you know what?

I have no skinned knuckles or any cuts.

I blame sharp knives for this miracle.  Sharp knives cut through quinces, which can be a bit woody, really easily.

Admittedly I've only done about ten or so quinces so far and have many to go but after boiling them over and making a smelly burning mess on the stupid flat top stove that we have, I had to stop for a while.

Tomorrow I get to play with quinces again!  They do smell lovely when they cook up and they go a very pretty colour too  :-)

And at last the weather is taking the dive we've been promised for a few days now.  It greyed over completely today.  We got that skylight in just in time because the forecast for the whole week is at least 50% chance of rain and maximum temps dropping down to 13C!   I can see I should've run the heater today to clean out the smell of burning dust.  Whoops!  Ah well.  Live and learn, or in my case live ;-)



  1. Ahh the dusty heater smell... I love the smell of quinces, It's good you didn't get any cuts or lose fingers whilst cutting up your fruity treasure. It's pouring with rain here which is just what the dry mountains need. It's great you got the skylight in.


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