A small change of plans

G'day all!

So this morning I swatched (me, swatching!) the lovely pansy golightly colourway of my wonderfully squishy Dream in Color Smooshy and I looked at it and I looked, and...

So pretty in the ball

I'm making the baby bolero in some light green Bendigo Woollen Mills baby yarn instead.

Still cute!  Probably will go with more stuff too
than a purple and grey one.

Since this morning I've knitted only that much.  I'm not used to knitting to gauge either - it feels so thick and squishy!  I'm using two strands to make the weight up.  It is a quick knit but I feel slow, possibly because I've been doing things other than knitting today, like going for walks, doing laundry, spinning some yarn, helping DH with the garage, dealing with my Oz taxes - oh bob did that take a long time!

I walked up to see the Olympics.
Alas the clouds were low

I use the ATO's e-tax to do my taxes.  It is easy-ish and it gives you hints along the way.  It just needs a Windows box, which thankfully my workplace provides (this year they have a Mac version as well).  Taxes are due at the end of October.  This year the ATO have decided that to pre-fill your tax return, you must create a MyGov account.

Wrong time of year, doood!

Blah, bah humbug, jeebers another stupid login and password, and quite frankly I don't trust the Oz government to be able to keep my tax (and social security and other govt service) details secure from hackers and crackers.  Having a one stop shop seems like an invitation to have my info given away to the highest bidder.

Clematis, don't flower now!

Anyway, when I set up the basics of the mygov account, it kept throwing me back to the same page and making me start again.  Also the ATO's home page was not displaying anything useful but the site seemed to be working if you searched online for specific pages.

Fall is falling

I finally made my profile and... the site told me it was down.  I had already worked out that it was very sick.  It even gave me a chirpy little message saying they were working as fast as they could to get it back online.  It didn't sound very government at all.

Lots of falling

So even though it took me about four hours, I finally got my quite basic tax return done.


Lovely claret ash

Now I have to do DH's.  Sigh.  Go through the whole thing again just to tell them that he earned nothing in Oz.

Clouds early cleared and then returned with a vengeance

It turned out to be a lovely day today.  I walked around in a tshirt (and pants!  LOL).  I don't know how the people wearing heavy coats could stand it.  I would've died of heat exhaustion.  It probably only got to 15C but with the sun out and away from the wind and me walking as briskly as I can up a long hill, it was very pleasant.

Tomorrow?  Rain.  We are getting the tail end of a cyclone.  The winds shouldn't be bad, we just get the rain rain rain.



  1. I got grumpy at all the tax stuff so Phil took over from me. He just came out 10 minutes ago to say its done. Yay. It gave me a chance to baste a quilt. I love that pansy coloured yarn, such beautiful moody colours.

  2. Ooooo, the pale green is very pretty! But what was wrong with the Pansy Golightly? That looks like it would be wonderful, too! Have you got some fun buttons for the shrug? (I keep wanting to type that as "shrub"!!!)

    Love the autumn photos...so gorgeous! We'll be in California on the 10th Nov. and hope to see a little bit of colour remaining in the Bay Area foliage...


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