Trick or treat!

G'day all!

Happy Halloween, or more likely when you read this, All Saints Day.

I gave out chocolate!  We had trick or treaters!  Alas before the rest of them showed up we went to a neighbour's and joined their Halloween party for a while.

I dressed up a bit - I put on wings and my weird new hooded tunic and played with some black and silver eyeshadows.  I did a bit of face sculpting and greyed my skin up, and I think I looked suitably ghastly with razor sharp cheekbones!

Anyway, umm, what else happened today?

I love this dahlia - it's months since I took this years
photo of it and it is still flowering away

It rained a lot this morning.  We had well over an inch yesterday and then this morning, after I emptied the rain gauge, we had nearly another centimetre.  But this afternoon I managed to stand in the sun for a whole five minutes!  Yay!

They call me helmet head

Blue sky!  A miracle!

Oh yes, my day started off with my four year cancer check up.  It is nearly five years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer but because of the way they count survivorship (the date of the operation) I'm still only at four years (and nearly three months).  My oncologist here is still amazed at the level of chemo I was given (ie a very high dose) but as she says, I'm still here so that is good!  She has no idea what is going on with my voice stuff - it still persists a bit.  It is not as bad as it was a year ago but I'm not perfect by any means.  Anyway, going and getting the tests done is always a bit nerve-wracking (weirdest blood pressure ever today - 128 over 64!  Normally both are up if one is up but nope, I just had high pulse pressure today.  And generally my blood pressure has been around 110/70 for ages.  It used to be 120/80 until I did chemo... I guess I finally got (mostly) used to seeing doctors).  I don't know whether they realise that one way I cope with being nervous is I start cracking the funnies.  I'm terrible at telling jokes but I'm good at making people chuckle.

The view from the third floor.

Anyway, the blood tests came back with their usual anomalies (slightly low potassium and one other wonk).  The only cancer marker available an hour after the blood draw came back well within normal range.

This echinacea doesn't realise it is fall.

Sitting and waiting gave me plenty of time to finish another Entrechat.  I now need to knit another one of the little cardies I made last month so that I have matching sets of little cardies and baby boleros so that noone feels they missed out!

(There should be pics of the finished boleros here but google won't let me see the pics.  It hasn't bothered with the whole uploading thing.)

So that is good - I get to annoy you for some time yet!

Look, more blue sky than cloud!
It poured rain about an hour later, never fear.



  1. EEEkk!! You're scary in halloween make up! I like the helmet hair photo of you in the sun. That dahlia is a beauty! Congrats on making through another yearly check up!


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