And now you don't

G'day all!

Oh what a brain dead day I had yesterday.

eg walk a block over to a friend's house to pick up my keys and the car.  Get said keys, chat a bit then decide to go out the front door cos it is closer.  Walk out the door with the keys in my hand, down the front stairs and then realise that I came around to pick up the car as well so I could go shopping.

And the car is around the back, in the alley.

And that wasn't the only brain in neutral moment.

Get to the supermarket, do the shopping, joke at the register, "And now is when I realise I left my wallet on the couch."

Umm, yes, I had taken it out and put it on the sofa.

Rain since yesterday at about 11am.

And there were more than those two moments!

I will blame the rain, the three hour time difference, a gluten hangover with concomitant lack of desire to eat food whilst my guts still hurt and several days of going flat chat.

At least we saw some sun today!  More on that later.

Sleeveless in Seattle.
It had to be said, didn't it?

My Stripes Gone Crazy is now getting a new sleeve.  I want to get this thing done and put to bed, or at least be wearable again.  I need all the layering stuff I can get now.  The weather has turned completely - it was brr!  chilly this afternoon!

More holiday garland than plant

YOu may have realised I love sun through leaves shots

We also had a partial solar eclipse.  Of course we had a big sunny break at the start of the eclipse, when I had forgotten all about it, and then a big storm came over and pelted us with rain and it got very dark.  An online buddy reminded me of the astronomical event happening and ARGH!

I did manage to get photos, very bad ones on the phone cos finding the big camera was beyond me, of my pinhole camera images and you can almost believe that the sun is partially eclipsed by the moon.  Almost, in the I Want to Believe X-files sorta way.

See those dots?  They are needle holes in a bit of card
The holes are round but the sun wasn't.

The days are really galloping in now.  Sunset is very distinctly before 6pm.  Sigh.  Daylight savings ends soon, wish we could really save some summer sun for winter but I guess that is what all these pics are for!



  1. Oh no, you silly billy for leaving your wallet at home, maybe you're just too busy thinking about getting your cardi finished. How early does it get dark there in the depth of winter?


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