Rhinebeck 2014, day the first

G'day all!

Last time I did rhinebeck I was totally overwhelmed.  This time?

Same deal,  even knowing what to expect.

There's so many vendors, so many things to look at and do.  Today I had dh in tow too,  and he's not really into fibery things.

You want pictures of loot, don't you?   I didn't buy that much really.  I'm trying to stick within my budget, but my cash is dwindling quickly. Also it was dark by the time we got to our accommodation for the night.

I did manage to meet up with a couple of remranters on ravelry but completely missed the bc ladies,  sigh.  The area for the meetup is just too large and I didn't really know who I was looking for,  having never met them before!  Plus there's little internet and very spotty phone network there, so even if I had copied phone numbers into my contacts, I may not have been able to reach them anyway!

Now I am sitting, looking at my new pretties and wondering what I'll make with them.  I tend to go for more variegated yarns,  which can be tricky to knit into things.  There's too much variation in colour for complicated patterns but the simpler patterns don't hold my interest.

Oh so much yarn (and fibre), so little time.



  1. SO jealous, Lynne! One of these days I'll make it to Rhinebeck. Have you come across Miss Babs yarns? She has some amazing variegated colours!

  2. That yarn is so pretty! Something about it makes me wish I was a little pixie and I could live inside it.


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