A very boring day where nothing much happened

G'day all!

Today was a very dull and boring day.  The weather was intensely bland - we got another load of rain, drip drip drip, grey skies all day long.  I didn't go for a walk - see rain.  I did do my rehab exercises and felt very virtuous afterwards.  The weather forecast isn't exactly grand either - rain tomorrow, probably not raining on Saturday, rain on Sunday, Monday (my birthday), Tuesday...  you get the idea!  Welcome to autumn in Seattle.

So, seriously people, don't come and visit in late October or any time in November unless you like grey skies and rain.  Cos you surely will get a lot of them!

If you were a baby cardigan, which button would you like on you?  Ducky?  Yellow flower or white flower?  I haven't bothered trying to find matching colours - the blue ones are all tractors, the purple/mauve ones are all disgusting ucky colours so I decided contrast was good!

Choices, choices....

A friend invited us out to dinner tonight.  We went to what turns out to be what I'll call a Korean fusion restaurant.  I'm calling it Korean because kimchi turned up on the menu in different forms.

It turns out that Korean fusion food as created by this restaurant relies a lot on both dairy and gluten.  There were only two items on the menu that were gluten and dairy free (including if the sauce was left off), and one of those items was tuna (which gives me the runs something terrible).  And I didn't feel virtuous enough to eat kale, winter squash and something else with no mole sauce (dairy) on a mung bean pancake.

So I sat and watched other people eat.

Then I came home to a nice bit of salmon and some chippies and carrots and broccoli.  I enjoyed that!

Actually robin's egg blue not green at all

I am happily knitting another Entrechat.  Dianne said I would not stop at one and she was correct!  I am wondering if I should make a bigger one for say a 15mo not just the 3-6mo ones I'm making currently.  The current ones may be too big for their intended recipients but I've noticed babies tend to grow.  Even little babies get bigger.  I also have to finish the blanket, again, and my cardigan, again.  Finishing stuff again is a PITA.  I just want to do things once, not fix them again!

Proof that there are two!  Colour is too yellow.

Which is why I got grumpy about having to do DH's tax return.   I've already had to wrangle the tax system once for me, and having to do it again was peeving!  Topping it off, he earned nothing in Australia (after deductions) so I wasn't sure that it even needed to be done, but better safe than sorry.

And I thought the longer, pointier egg would be a double yolker but nope, just a regular single yolker.  I guess I got a double yolker last week.  I sorta feel sorry for the chooks that squeeze out the big eggs, especially when the egg is clearly a bit constricted around the middle, like it got stuck part way.  I have sympathy for that plight!



  1. I like the yellow flower a lot! The ducky is very cute, too, and the white flower would be very pretty against a darker coloured yarn, I'll bet. Love the light aqua Entrechat, too! Like you, I'm still contemplating making a larger version. Trying to use DK on 4.5mm needles and just knitting it two sizes larger resulted in an 18 month version that is only a tiny bit larger than the worsted one on 5mm needles. Hmmm....thinking about some Malabrigo Rios in a strong pink or turquoise for a 20 month old little girl in Sydney.....


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