You are getting sleeeepy

G'day all!

It's been an action packed few days here at the Modest Manor. DH came home. We went down to The Digger's Club yesterday arvo with Nathan's parents. We replaced a fruit tree that never came out of dormancy and bought another, plus a bunch of seeds and a soil testing kit (handy to know if we have nutritious soil, at least as far as plants are concerned, and also for pH). So now we have a Blue Pearmain apple plus a Rome Beauty. I don't know where I'll plant one of them but the other has a spot.

Today Nathan went back to Sydney. As usual, I cried. I don't like it when he leaves or I leave. Then I get over it, sorta. I went to work and did stuff until my brain fried at 4:30.


One of the chooks is broody. Apparently that means that I am looking after them well. (I thought it meant she reckons she's laid enough eggs, now it is time to hatch some chickens!) I am tempted to get some fertilised eggs of a kind of chook that I want, then give this lot the chop when the youngsters are bigger.... I keep prodding her off the nest. Her sisters gave up and laid eggs next to the favoured nesting box today, and what do I find when I get home? Only two chickens in the coop! What? Nope, turns out Isolde was sitting in a makeshift nest next to the nesting box and she blends in very nicely with the mulch there. There were two eggs under her. So I prodded her off the nest and stole the eggs. She was very indignant but it hasn't occurred to her to peck me. (I carry a stout stick for just in case purposes, those being just in case I have to prod her with a stick to avoid being pecked.)

It is supposed to pour rain this weekend, but first it will be 28C tomorrow. The rain is great for the garden, annoying for me with the weeds sprouting madly and will refill the tanks that are already pretty much full. I guess I should go and water a whole lotta stuff tomorrow, bring the tanks down some and ensure things stay nice and green as it heats up a bit.


Have I got some finished knitting to show off?

Umm, no.

Why not?

Cos umm well I can't count, or at least forgot to count and the 10cm of ribbing on the cuff of the current mitten in progress was 8cm long when I realised the yarn was pooling on this mitten cuff but had neatly striped on the first one. That is what 10 stitches difference makes to the pattern.... so I only have one centimetre of ribbing now. I'll have it done by the end of the month.

I haven't knitted a shawl this month. I've done 10 this year (!!) and don't know what to do with them all. Five have been gifted, so they are not a worry. I am starting to think I should see if I can sell them - I certainly could send a couple to the local guild for the gallery there as they are from handspun yarn. A little more cash would be nice because we've had an expensive month (plumber and last month's bills are now due on the credit card and Nathan was O/S, some of which is refundable admittedly). Plus it is my birthday next week and as usual, we are low in funds - we never have extra money at the start of November and I can't buy myself a nice birthday present. I guess I don't need any more stuff but I'd like a treat, something to say well done, dear, you made it through one of the worst years of your life. Maybe something pretty and sparkly. Or a nice pair of shoes (not Vogs though - they are Too Expensive).


And I am tired, so tired! DH was on a different time schedule and I couldn't get to sleep when I needed to go to sleep. I've been needing 9 or 10 hours of sleep during radiotherapy and these last few days I've only had 7 hours. That would normally be enough but currently? No!

Pics from our garden. I am loving having a garden, even if it is a poor neglected garden (in the words of an old lady who was nicking some of our rose flowers). It is indeed a rather grassy garden but I don't mind having grasses in the paths - much better than dirt which I track in on my shoes. I do mind the grasses growing in the garden "beds" though.



  1. Beautiful garden pics, reminds me of how every house had a lush garden when we went to NZ (haven't been to AU except for the airport so not sure if it's true there, too). I'm just catching up on your blog... Congrats on your fork-stickable state!!! And, I love the pink hair, you just can't go wrong with pink, but I think it really suits you.

  2. Beautiful Garden Lynne,I feel for you for the bad bits though,I have to have test too and Ive been putting them off,I know I shouldnt but life is so grrr at the moment!! Keep getting stronger,I love reading your thoughts on everything!!!


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