Slow gangbusters

G'day all!

I am making slow progress on everything at present, or that is how it feels!

I have trimmed all the blocks to size for the new quilt. What do you think of this layout?

(OK, I'm lazy, I didn't do the white squares in the middle or the polka dots! And the black dots are there to fool the spreadsheet that I developed this on into cooperating and making the squares the right size...)

I have pulled a HUGE pile of weeds out of one of the old vegie and herb beds. The area is about 2m square and the mountain of weeds from it is massive. OK, some of the weeds are self-sown parsley plants but do we need about half an acre of the things? They were hiding the rhubarb and the special form of blackberry (a boysenberry? I can't remember what it is now, but no matter, I pulled half of it out by accident weeding around it!). Of course I did that whilst waiting for the weather to decide whether it was arthur or martha - was it going to rain or not? It spat a little but that was it. I didn't mean to do weeding - I was going to mow the grass on the median strip but with it not sure if it would rain or not.... and the mower being under a heap of crap behind the garage - I think something overbalanced and took a fair bit of stuff with it. Also? The weeds along the fenceline? Reprieved for another couple of days as tomorrow is a work day so I'll not be whipper snippering them until Wednesday now.

I potted up a persimmon into a mix of mulch, loam and 4 month old, composted cow poo. Hope the mix isn't too strong for it. I don't know where to plant it, y'see and its current pot is waaaaay too small. Same with an avocado that is really struggling. I have heaps of fruit trees that need to be planted but really we need to put in the new fence before I plant anything along that fenceline (our neighbour wants to put a metre wide concrete strip down it so he never has to weed it again!). In the meantime the plants are struggling, so I am trying them in the mulch mix.


The garden is going gangbusters. It loves the rain. So do the weeds :-( - they are growing faster than I can pull them out in some areas. The tea trees are amazing.


And I've seen two of these little beggars in that self same pose on three different plants now. I don't know if they are the same couple or not but I am very pleased because we need lots of ladybirds eating our aphids. They are the common spotted ladybird, Harmonia communis (isn't that a lovely name? Makes me think of harmonious community :-).



  1. Is your layout the one with no same colour is every row and column?? I like it. I have to put dots on speadsheets too. I am glad it is not just me.
    Those flowers are beautiful!!
    We had very hard rain, sun, very hard rain, sun, etc all day today. neither Arthur nor Martha here!!

  2. The quilt works :-)

    Love the ladybugs.

    The grass in our driveway is starting to brush the underside of the cars...might have to find a slightly sunny day and do some mowing myself!

  3. Love the quilt layout - it just looks so bright and cheerful.

    I know we still need as much rain as we can get but I'd be happy for the Arthur/Martha weather to just bugger off. Well and truly ready for some consistent sunshine and warmth. Grumpy much? :-)


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