Centrelink, the saga continues

G'day all!

I got two or three phone calls yesterday afternoon.

I didn't turn up to a work placement interview.

The reason why I didn't turn up is because I had NO IDEA I was meant to turn up. I received no communications, I had been assured that I would not have to report or search for a job, and then I get this!

It will affect my Centrelink benefits. The Centrelink benefits to which I am NOT ENTITLED because my husband is earning too much for me to get a benefit.

My goodness, Centrelink is making me VERY CRABBY. Very crabby INDEED! I am having to spend two or three HOURS EACH WEEK dealing with them. And yes I want to yell.

Argh, off to deal with Centrelink AGAIN! I have better things to do with my time, like clean the house or floss the cat.

At least they give me blog fodder...



  1. I think the way they are treating you is par for the course with them. You are right, venting your spleen on your blog is a good way to get blog fodder and commiserations!!

  2. I'd rather floss the cat than deal with Centelink any day!
    They always seem to find new & interesting ways of screwing things up after they've asked you every question they can think of & more (what colour undies were you wearing 2 weeks ago on tuesday, can you provide proof, and oh we misplaced your undies proof so can you re-provide your proof with a signed affidavit?)

  3. Oh, you poor thing! I hope they get their act together soon :-)
    Knitspingirl, your comment made me laugh, thank you :-)


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