Up at the crack of dawn, or not

G'day all!

What a weird saying that is.

Not that I was up at the crack of dawn today, oh no, not like waking up at first light on Sunday, listening to the blackbirds singing (the ONLY time I like blackbirds!) and then realising the corellas were screeching madly not too far away, but not as far away as I'd like! LOL

No, today I slept in for the first time for AGES. Of course today was also a work day. Whoops! But my employers don't really care - they are cool with me being a bit flakey.

I am looking forward to getting this first project out of the way at work so I can start on the real business of e-learning. I have to brush up some too on things because I've been out of the training loop for what four years now.

Oh dear. I just ruined my dinner. I was going to have a nice light meal of pasta and vegies, but I forgot that I was having rice pasta, not my usual rice and maize pasta, and I cooked it for too long (I got distracted trying to long in to a revamped website and it won't let me log in and I am now grumpy with them for changing things for the umpteenth time in the last two months) and now I have this disgusting goopy soup with vegies in it. It has stuck to the bottom of the pot, it has boiled over, and I have to go clean it up and go without dinner unless I start again... I am very tired of living alone, having to cook for myself and making interesting meals for one without having leftovers for days and days (I can't eat much takeaway cos I don't tolerate highly flavoured foods for multiple meals in a row or even more than about three a week - my sensitive guts rebel and make me feel totally odd - oh plus it has to be gluten and dairy free), having to do everything that is going to get done around the place. But I have no choice. I have to complete my radiotherapy and then get the house renovated before I can contemplate joining DH in Sydney. And there are things like the cats, etc, to deal with. And all our stuff. So I am staying here for the nonce.

It is an odd thing living away from one's partner. Neither of us is very happy about it but whilst he's got a job in Sydney that is paying two residences' bills, and I have treatment and my little job and house stuff down here, we have to soldier on somehow. If we can get to the point where he spends a week working from here every two or three weeks, that would be very helpful for our relationship. Me flying up there every second weekend is not enough.

Ah well. This time on Thursday, Nathan will be in Melbourne. I am sooooo looking forward to seeing him. He'll be here for a few days before he flies off to Brussels and Sweden for work. Then he's back for a couple of days two weeks later before returning to Sydney. By then I will be on my last couple of days of radiotherapy. But for the nonce, silly me created more stress for myself by deciding we should have a big BBQ on Saturday afternoon, which means making things Nice for visitors. I will fix up the loungeroom some more and try to get the back yard tidier (hard when I can't actually lift various things from the kitchen and laundry demolition) so we can pretend to be a nice, normal household...

Good news from today? I'm halfway through radiotherapy. YAY ME! Go team Lynne!

Bad news? I have to keep going to radiotherapy for another 15 treatments. Still, I'm closer to the end than I was 15 treatments ago. I think I will start working on getting all my details out, along with the area to be treated, in one breath. I have to confirm my identity every time I go, you see, to ensure that they are treating the right person with the right thing. Name, address, date of birth, treatment area. Sorta like the old two all beef patties, special sauce, etc etc, except I don't win a prize at the end, not even a lousy prize like a Big Mac, I just get to lay down on a fairly uncomfortable treatment bed and stay there whilst the techs push me around a little and read out numbers and measure things (with a very cold steel ruler I might add!), and then a very large machine moves around me and whines a bit. I know all about whining 8-)

Here's your prize if you got this far through this self-indulgent muck:


Our rugosa roses are flowering. The crimson one has just started. Plus it had two ladybugs shagging on it this evening - go you little beauties! I want you to eat lots of aphids and also your babies to eat even more aphids! It isn't often that you want things copulating on your flowers (and let's face it, doing It on rugosa roses is a really good way to get lots of thorns stuck in delicate bits) but this is one time that I am very happy about it! LOL



  1. You guys really are going through the wringer aren't you. You will get through, you have made it this far, you will continue. Chin up and keep fitting in some of that sanity saving knitting and spinning.

  2. Anonymous9:15 pm

    My radiotherapy department takes your photograph at the beginning and therefore they know they have the right person, the face comes up in front of them when you check in and also when you go through to the machine. Good idea I thought, maybe you could mention this at your next appointment.

    The end is in sight, hang on in there, I know it's tiring but it will soon be over.

    Much Love x


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