No piccies

G'day all!

My bad!

I did get pics of some goodies today and you know what?

I went to tea at the parents' in law and umm, well, yeah. Today's blog is very short.

But we did have a good chat and caught up with Nathan's aunt and uncle (in sin).

To distract you from the lack of content, I send you to these boots, and these shoes, and these, and these. Not that I like them or anything cos I sure as hell can't afford them (DH needs a fridge and we can get one for a hundred more than some of those shoes/boots cost!). And to DH's blog, with a couple of pics of places he's been. And to this flickr list of pics generated by a program called hugin(link to flicrk group cos it helps more than the homepage on sourceforge) - be warned, there's over 20,000 pics on that page. Dunno about your browser but mine only loads the ones on the page I'm on or have been on. It doesn't load all of them at once... (I'm saying that cos someone whined at me about how many images there are on the page)

Mebbe I'll have time to do pics tomorrow?



  1. Oh I have just seen shoe heaven. When I win Tattsloto I'll shout us both a pair or two!!!

  2. Hi Lynne,what awesome shoes,you linked the best ones too!!!


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