The blogger returneth

G'day all!

Well I started Blogtober so well but umm, yeah. LOL I got caught up in work and DH coming home and suddenly time was at a premium.

Last week, I received my mug rugs from a swap I did online.


Aren't they pretty?


And I got heaps of yummies too. There's enough lollies there to keep me in them for about a year. But the thing I like most?

This little door on the back of the black and off-white mug rug:

Oh, what is a mug rug? An overgrown quilted coaster for putting your coffee or tea mug on. I'll probably be using them more for my water glass.

Had a lovely weekend - Saturday I went to the Melbourne Modern Quilt Guild meeting, the first one I've been able to get to. Of course I had to come home early cos I had set up a BBQ (hahahaha, cos I thought there was something happening on Sunday cos the guild meeting is usually on Sundays but it got moved to Saturday!) for people to come and see our garden, and also for them to catch up with me and Nathan. We ate lots and chatted lots and it was all verra pleasant. I am going to repeat the exercise in just under a month, when I am going to celebrate my birthday and the end of treatment!

DH went ballistic on the house and knocked out a wall and some ceiling. His dad helped out too - lovely! We now have a proper ceiling in the laundry/old loo that is no more but is now kitchen. We don't have plaster on the walls or cornices but we do have a drywall (or as we call it plasterboard) ceiling.

The weather has been all over the shop - lovely sunny and warm through to humid and thunderstorms (like now - it has started raining happily). I went into town with DH today as he had to go to the airport. (I hope the thunderstorms didn't affect his flight!) He is on his way to Singapore where he'll change planes and head off to Paris, thence Brussels for a conference, Bruges cos it is there and looks verra pretty, thence Stockholm in Sweden. Hopefully he'll meet up with one of the chaps we met in San Jose at Adobe - an intern, one of the guys Nathan brought to knit nights and then to dinner at Aqui. He's flying back home in two weeks, will have a couple of days here at home then back up to Sydney home.

OK, should publish this - forgot to last night when a runaway process on my computer ate all the disk space! I had to reboot after deleting the offending files but not the process.



  1. Glad you have been having a fun, happy, wall knocking down time!! Lots to celebrate coming up!!
    Oh very nice swap too, I like the little door!!


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