In the pink

G'day all!

I'm in the pink today!


(and tomorrow and the day after and the day after and for however long this semi-permanent colour lasts 8-)


I'm very pink!

Still knitting mitten madly - amazing how much mitten you can knit whilst sitting with bleach on your hair then with pink on it. I've knitted a bit over half of it now. I was late to radiotherapy but that was ok cos they were running late too! I've now started boost, which means they irradiate a 10cm circle around the tumour bed. They don't line me up quite as carefully now and the linac has a weird apparatus attached to it to hone the beam on the right spot. And they loved my hair colour. LOL

When I got home, I put on some extra sunscreen, a scarf and a beanie (I don't want a sunburnt scone and neck) and mowed the grass. It is a lovely day today but I started feeling a bit crisped by the end of it.

And grr, I found out why the chooks don't seem to be laying much now. Boldie was desperate to get back to a spot that I kept chasing her out of. SOMEONE has made a nest in the grass under a fuchsia. I'd get a shot of it but it is kinda awkward to get into. One egg felt lighter than the others, so I've tossed that one out. The others are all grass stained and I don't know if they are good or not (I know about putting them in water to see if they float or not but apparently washing them means they lose the protective coating on them that stops bacteria getting in...). Naughty chooks! I've put a pot over the nesting area and I'll keep an eye on it over the next few days.

Still missing DH. He is not having much luck at present, though he is enjoying Sweden and his Swedish team mates. He says it is rather cold. Just as well that I sent some warm gear and my toque with him - his is in Sydney, with his gloves. Oops.

Now that I have amazingly pink hair, I'm feeling a little unpretty. I don't like having hair this short but I have to wait for it to grow. (No I am not getting a wig. They are hot and itchy and I'm getting used to feeling ugly!) I'm noticing my wrinkles a lot too - they have kicked in massively this year. I guess I could go out and buy some makeup but finding stuff I can wear is difficult cos they all like to add perfume and I can't stand whiffy things - I'd prefer to smell the chemicals. There's perfume even in lipsticks (like the expensive one I got at the look good, feel better cancer person makeup day. It stinks!). I don't have a lot of cash to splash either, so it isn't like I can go buy various things to try and then throw them out. Ah well, wear the wrinkles with pride, etc. Better wrinkly than dead, etc, etc, but it would be nice to feel pretty too!



  1. Nothing wrong with wrinkles, but do use a good moisturiser (I'm sure there is one somewhere that suits you) and sunscreen if possible. Love the hair!!!

  2. I love the pink hair - it really makes your blue eyes pop!

  3. You hair looks wonderful; I don't think you look "unpretty" at all. I agree with mosturiser, but make-up isn't necessary - takes too much time and effort.

  4. Rockin' pink hair! I think you look simply wonderful. Wrinkles are just a sign of a life lived? I use Natural Instinct or Sukin moisturiser with mineral make up because I'm not keen on smelly stuff at times.

  5. You look wickedly elvish I think. Pshaw to wrinkles, I would rather have wrinkles than be botoxed into a permanently mildly surprised state.
    Excellent work there!!


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