A week to go!

G'day all!

Only a week until I finish radiotherapy. I'm done with most of it, just have to have the boost part now (where they irradiate the tumour bed in particular). My neck is pin, looks like sunburn and my poor boobage is coming up redder and redder. It's getting a bit prickly too, just like sunburn.

I am so glad to nearly be done with treatment. And no it doesn't mean I am cured. I'm unlikely to be cured but I'll be happy to dance with NED (no evidence of disease). I hope to dance with NED for a looooong time but only time will tell. There's some things I can do to give myself the best possible odds of dancing with NED for a long time and I'm trying to put them into place (eg a half hour walk or some form of exercise every day - I'm not making it every day yet but four out of seven days I get a good walk in or some solid gardening. Yep, gardening at my place is certainly a work out - shovelling mulch and cow poo, levering out enormous weeds... eating good food (I'm still eating too much salt), cutting back on sugar, learning meditation or at least finding a quiet space in myself. Can't do much about the loneliness though - I could arrange to go visit friends more regularly but doesn't mean DH will be here!).

I am not the only critter happy at the moment. I wish I could get a picture of Cheshire's drool puddles. I put him on my lap - he loves lap, he truly does but my lap is not big enough for him and he doesn't get as much lap as he would like - and patted him and he's purring and droooooling madly. It is disgusting. I'm having to wipe him with a tissue before he spatters more of it on me. He doesn't seem to have a problem with his teeth or his gums or anything, he just drools when he is happy. (That includes drooling on his food - he purrs when he eats.)

I hope to have a pic of my hair tomorrow. It should be pretty special. I have so much to do tomorrow, dunno how I will fit it all in in one day. I have no idea how I coped when I worked full time.

DH is now connected to the net in Sweden. He's there for a week then flies home the same day I have my last radiotherapy session. It is nice to be able to chat online. I miss talking to him (and being with him but most of a week with very little contact at all was very lonely).

I haven't taken a pic of the new mitten, have I? Currently I should call it One Hand Clapping because the other one is just at the cast on stage. I knitted the first one on the train and whilst waiting for my radiotherapy but RT these last two days have been amazingly quick. I've been in and out in about 25 minutes, compared to 1.5 hours one day... no time to do jigsaws or knit. (Must find space to set out a jigsaw - I like doing them. I thought I was put off them by doing them earlier this year, one in particular after I was diagnosed but it soothed me. I am particularly fond of lighthouse/beach/rocks jigsaws and mountain scenery. I used to prefer horses but now I like pretty pictures 8-)

No pics today because I worked and I'm lazy now. I think I'll have an "early" night (it will be 11pm before I turn in).



  1. I hope you dance with NED for a long time, too! :o)

  2. Good luck, this will probably feel like one of the longest weeks! And NED sounds pretty good to me, that reduces it (possibly, in the mind) to a chronic nuisance, which many of us live with anyway (chronic nuisances, not Not Having Cancer). Shutting up now. Hope Nathan is OK in Sweden.

  3. So glad you're into the last week which might be one of the shortest AND longest weeks you've faced? And NED sounds like a divine dance partner.


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