On being Melburnian

G'day all!

As a born and bred Melburnian, I reserve the right to:

  • whine about the weather
  • happily (or not depending on my team's winning status) discuss footy
  • whine about the weather
  • have the weather be the major topic of conversation
  • lust after things I can't get in Melbourne (though it is a city of about 4 million people, we don't get the things that Americans take for granted and of course we want, ignoring our own local versions of said things)
  • moan about the weather

I think you get the picture! Earlier in the week, it was lovely and warm, if a little windy. On Wednesday storms pushed through. Yesterday was windy but not too bad (as long as having things blowing away in the wind is ok). Today? It has not stopped raining all day. We've *only* had nearly an inch since 9am but OMG! Over it already! Tanks are full, rain rain go away, come again some other day! (Haha, since I wrote this, it has stopped raining. The sun of course went down an hour ago.) It is only 7C, and hovered around 12C for much of the day.

Also? I think the person who arranges the radiotherapy is psychic with regard to the weather. We've had three nasty lots of weather come through recently, and my RT has been scheduled slap bang in the middle of the worst of two of them. Two Wednesdays ago I thought the car would either be swept away in the downpour or blown away in the wind (he is only a little car but very brave), and then this morning we nearly disappeared into a puddle! Obviously they believe I am a competent driver. Now all drivers are sure they are above average at driving and I am no different to the rest.

You'll have to put up with pics taken under the flash cos I wanted to share some bits and bobs with you.


A new quilt top in progress,being sewn on my US machine (with a newly fixed transformer). It isn't a quilt yet and is likely to end up joining the other four? Five? awaiting basting and quilting. I'm not making this one very big cos I have three queen size quilts awaiting basting/quilting now and they feel like the sword of Damocles hanging over me. I can quilt anything up to single (twin) bed size fairly easily but larger ones are a bit daunting (as is the price for getting them quilted on a long arm!). Basting them is also an issue simply due to the size of the quilts (and as I found this afternoon, my knees complain vigorously about being knelt on on a wood floor...). I am following the recent quiltalong on Fat Quarterly.


The world's most enormous button for my new cardie. (Maybe it isn't that big. Not quite...)


My new cardie with new button applied to it. I might move the button as it is a little too high I think. The button amused me. It may not be the best button for the cardie but I certainly like it :-) I will get modelled shots when the weather improves - I am not going out in the rain just for a few pics.

Hmm, I think I might start a new knitting project tonight and watch some (legally downloaded) tv. It is getting too cold to work in the unheated craft room but I can knit almost anywhere (not the loo! Never in there! Yick - I'd have to disinfect it all).



  1. Those spots are so cheerful and look great combined like that. I probably would have bought that button too!


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