Very little to say

G'day all!

Today I pretty much finished my first work project. It is awaiting signoff.

Yay me!

Plus I tried to get better pics of me and my hair. I failed, though I can't blame the phone camera given it was under artificial light. Tomorrow! Tomorrow! There's always tomorrow...

I am getting used to seeing this freak with pink hair following me around everywhere. Well relatively used to it. Hey, who's got pink hair? I can see a reflection. They are wearing the same clothes as me. Oh, it's me!

Reactions are generally positive except for the people who just look at me. LOL

I guess I should've gotten sponsored to do it but I didn't. However I'm happy to chat to people about the various reasons why I've done it.
a) cos I've wanted to have pink hair for ages (also blue hair, green hair and purple hair)
b) it is breast cancer awareness month
c) I'm being treated for BC
d) I may or may not die of this but jeez I may as well have fun along the way 8-)

It is all good. Or will be. Or won't be but no point fussing over that!

I spent two hours at the hospital today, one of them waiting for either RT or to see the registrar as I haven't seen a dr so far during radiotherapy. I am doing well. I knew that - I can still wear a bra. I hope to keep doing well but one day at a time! With a few little things hoping towards the future.

Like DH is in Sweden. He is having a rough time with work but he is really enjoying Stockholm (though it is very cold - the footpaths were icy this morning) and the locals. We had a great time with one of the Adobe interns last year - he was a Swede. Nathan is meeting up with him. I wish I was fluent in more than one language to the point where I could make puns and crack double entendres (it was interesting watching the Norwegian intern who had perfectly good English skills trying to keep up and understand jokes that J, the Swede, was cracking - the difference between good and fluent is a big jump). I would've gone along, we would've afforded it somehow, but for my radiotherapy. My health is more important than a bit of fun. Plus Nathan left his nice warm hat and gloves in Sydney, and we would've fought for my rainbow toque. We have such big heads that one hat would not cover both of them... The point of what I am saying is I hope DH gets another opportunity to go to Sweden and I get to go with him :-) Mebbe not during the cold months 8-)

I have to share something I got in the mail today. It is VERRA nice. And I should take pics of the knitting in progress. But that will be tomorrow or the day after - I have to get the pics first! I'm on the decreases of the gusset for the second mitten now. I'll get that done shortly. Then I'll have to put them away in a carefully chosen spot so I don't lose them. Summer is coming, 29C tomorrow (ack, 21 feels warm enough!) and I'll probably have forgotten that I knitted some very bright and ostensibly unforgettable mittens by the time I need them again....



  1. Pink hair! what a great way to support breast cancer month! Not a lot of women can pull it off and you do it well.


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