Tank me

G'day all!

My friends wanted me to put these goggles on.


Then they practically peed themselves with excitement. Not one of them looked and said eh. Nope, all weeing themselves. They think I should drive a tank (not a very small Helmet). They are all geeks and nerds, the lot of them. Of course, cos they are my friends.

*sigh* (Look up Tank Girl, if you have no idea what I am talking about)

I had another successful day. I spent much too much money ($25 citrus? I want! I've wanted a tahitian lime for ages cos I use limes in my cooking. Also a seedless valencia orange looks good too - we have a similar climate, a bit wetter, to San Jose and various fruit trees do well here)($99 market umbrella in blue with led lights affixed? Yeah!). I pulled out a heap of weeds - see this heap?

It is nearly a metre high by close to a metre by a metre. It is big. (I guess that means it is pretty much a cubic metre, eh? That is a lot of weeding for one person, no wonder my back is sore!)

Now the lilacs and the daphnes have a chance of keeping their leaves above the weeds, though I will have to mulch this area heavily to suppress the weedy seed bed...


I pruned some plants. I practically killed my forearms with all the weeding and grabbing. I walked to the library and paid my $1.20 in library fines (really, 10c a day is too little) and borrowed some more books. Hope I remember to take these ones back.... Someone I've known for almost 25 years walked past, only the second time he's worn a suit, on his way to his parents'. He doesn't usually dress up this much for anything (the other suit was for his wedding) but he is job hunting and wanted to scare them. LOL

I eyeballed taking pics of the stash I've managed to accumulate this year but managed to avoid it. But I do have pics of my prize from Ixchelbunny (all I did was post a pic of my Ixchelbunny shawl on her group on Ravelry and I won a prize!)

Lovely seahorse yarn with a seahorse pattern! The yarn is Charly's own of bamboo, bunny and merino. I want to get into knitting it cos the pattern is even a nice toe up one - my fave type.

However, I have to clear something off the sock needles first. Here's a sneak preview of it.


Thanks for all the lovely comments on my new quilt in progress. It is very bright and chirpy and I am very pleased with it :-)



  1. Yes Tank Girl indeed, although I also think of the man with the little tank from 'Allo 'Allo.
    That is one big cubic metre of weeds!!! My lemon tree is sad and I don't now why. Citrus is a mystery to me.

  2. Damn, forgot to say, lovely Seahorse socks, we have the seahorse farm up the road and nice mystery knitting too!!

  3. Oh I love the Tank Girl look! One of my favourite films too :-D And the hair and the silk scarf match perfectly! :-) I wants some of those goggles now.

    May I also say the quilt is looking amazing.

  4. I love it :) You look AMAZING with pink hair!!


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