Will wonders never cease

G'day all!

Thank you all for your thoughts about persuading those who do not want to be persuaded. Interestingly enough, we've made some progress just by saying "Do you like being like this?" We've worked out a couple of coping strategies but there's a fair way to go yet.

I am vaguely thinking about doing Blogtober, though I know I can be a bit flakey about posting. I'm going to get flakier I think too - I keep running out of steam. Looks like radiotherapy is starting to take its toll. I've had 12 sessions so far, 18 to go.

Now in the wonders will never cease category, I actually took some pics of one of my current WIPs today. I give you the yoke of the eggplant cardi:


I thought this would be realllly fast to knit once I got past the yoke but umm, well you need to knit the thing before it is finished. And I'm buzzing round like a busy bee at the moment.

Before I even had breakfast this morning, I had cleaned out three drawers of clothes and rearranged them so things fit better. I created a whole empty drawer! I was so impressed with how well I was doing, then I realised that I had not put a load of washing away and was in the process of doing another load. sigh. It is still gracing the bed, and I must tidy it away before I can go to sleep!

(It just occurred to me that Nathan does not need anywhere near so much of his chest of drawers now - most of his clothes are in Sydney. Haha! I have some extra space! Lovely. I have lots of tshirts and I wear nearly every last one of them. The ones I don't wear are awaiting scanning of their print before I send them to the rag bag or the op shop.)

I planted two tea camellias, probably in The Wrong Spots but I don't really care. They needed to go in the ground and now are in the ground. I pruned back some of the plants that are finished/finishing flowering and are obstructing the footpath (sidewalk). I took pics of the pretty flowers in the yard. I took FOUR eggs from the hen house, though that was two days worth of eggs. The girls are almost earning their keep now. I've had more than a dozen eggs this week. Just as well I eat two at breakfast time every day. I quilted one of the mug rugs and decided I didn't like how I was quilting the other one so I have to pull that out. (Must get a wriggle on with those as I have to send it yesterday!) I went to Bunnings and bought a small spray bottle, a big sprayer (for horticultural oil and fertilisers), two pairs of gardening gloves (one more gauntlets for getting into the areas where the roses need weeding) *and* ta-dum, a whipper snipper!

My overseas audience will ask what is a whipper snipper? It is a brand name for a line trimmer, strimmer, weed whacker, umm, any other names? It isn't really a brush cutter - it isn't that powerful. I bought an corded electric one - the cordless ones last about 10 minutes and I don't like the petrol ones even if they are more powerful. The one I bought is a flymo. It looks pretty nifty and can be turned into an edger very easily. It has a whacking (ahem) big guard on it too.

This evening I have had the joy and bliss of not just one but two cats sitting on my lap, thank heavens not at the same time. Nutmeg insisted on some tummy tickle and Cheshire just wants to sit on me and rest his head on my arm. Alas I can't type when he does that so I end up with a wet nose leaning against my wrist instead.

We are getting ready for another Grand Final. We had one last week - the Australian Football League Grand Final. Collingwood played St Kilda. They drew! Scores were level at the final siren! We don't play extra time, it isn't in the rules. So we have a rematch this weekend. The money makers are rubbing their hands with glee - another few million in the coffers! I am barracking for St Kilda. I could never barrack for Collingwood - noone who barracks for a team other than Collingwood can barrack for them. (Barrack - root for, but we've discussed rooting in the Australian sense before and I'll keep saying barrack.) My team, Melbourne, played Collingwood in a few Grand Finals in the 50s and 60s. My mother had a filk of their team song:

Good old Collingwood forever,
They KNEW how to play the game.
Side by side they fell together
To uphold the Demons' name!
Hear the barrackers a-squealin'
Just like Collingwood do!
For the premiership's a cake walk
For the good old Red and Blue!

I will not sully my blog with the original version - I much prefer my mother's.

I'll be avoiding the Grand Final as much as possible though. After radiotherapy tomorrow, I'm off to Jeff's Shed to munch my way around the gluten free show. I hope I get to it - I've never managed so far.



  1. Love that purple color and the design! Sounds like the garden is having a lot of spring growth and perhaps the chickens are liking the longer days too!


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