A day of talking to real people

G'day all!

Today I talked to real, live people.

Or I am extremely deluded and passed out on the train after having to run to catch it and dreamed the whole thing up.

I don't think I could've dreamed up how normal it was to talk to people, so I reckon it happened.

I went to market, to market (but no fat pigs at the market and anyway, I couldn't drive it home, slaughter it or butcher it) and bought the weekly pile of vegies. Woe, I had to buy a cauliflower for the first time in a month - my caulies are finished. The chap that I bought a caulie from was bemoaning them all heading up at the same time - he's got truckloads of them. Corned beef this week, chicken and if I get really desperate, bangers :-)

I seem to be a bit asthmaticky at the moment. I've had a nurse and a doctor check my lungs and say they are fine. It is worse if I don't take antihistamines so I am guessing it is allergy-related. It is after all SPRING here, plus the things I hate about as much as privet are flowering - the (egads, had it at the tip of my fingers a moment ago, hedging plant, technically, cream flower heads, red new leaves... ) photinea is in flower and by jingo I'm allergic to that! It gives me... asthma! Hmmm. Anyway, it makes moving at a good pace difficult cos I start feeling a bit breathless. I thought I would die on the train today (I had trotted from the platform down the ramp, up the ramp, hurried to the milk bar, bought a ticket and then returned to the station as the train pulled in - the ticket machines don't sell Sunday Saver tickets and I'll be darned if I'm going to pay full price, but I could see the train was less than two stations away... which meant running!) And then I start itching. Why on earth don't I just keep taking my zyrtec? I do sometimes wonder about how clever I really am.

I chatted to people, real live women at the observatory cafe by the botanic gardens (we don't actually sit outside when the weather is iffy and not in the gardens themselves, just in the cafe by the gardens). That was very nice. I finished a mitten. I kept knitting on yesterday's new project, though I did rip it out most of the way and restart it.

So because I knitted today, you get pics of the squares for the quilt.


I am thinking of putting white sashing around each block - I think it would look quite nice and would separate the colours so they don't clash too much. I had to move the pink out of sequence to between the purple and royal blue cos otherwise it sits next to the red and it is just too close in colour and intensity to the red. I think I've worked out a good layout too but I think it will be brilliant with sashing.


Also one of the chooks yesterday produced a rather large egg. I only got one egg out of the three of them the day before (sounds like I go out there and squeeze eggs out of them, eh?). The last time they produced a large egg, it was a double yolker.


Ta-dum! Another double yolker! (Pity that the potato was a dud. But the egg was very nice.)

I am converted to this fresh eggs thing. Our chooks' eggs are so much nicer than the ones you get in shops. The whites have two parts - a runnier bit and a bit that is almost as solid as the yolk. It sits up proudly from the pan. Quite impressive. Now if only I could squeeze more eggs out of the girls...

Tonight I watched Julia and Julie (or is it Julie and Julia?). That entertained me. I had no idea who Julia Child was - I had seen a book on kitchens that raved about her kitchen but I'm not American. I was not brought up with her TV shows. Food at our house might've been yummier if I had been.... Oddly enough I bought two cookbooks today, one on Thai food (it is part of a weightloss program but stuff that, the book was cheap and the recipes look totally delicious) and one on gluten free food (but this one with a twist - the writer provides ideas for substitutes for various dairy items - most of them don't bother). Not her food but it should be verra nice.

Yikes, time for bed. I'm staying up too late at the moment. Every second day I sleep for 9 hours. The next night I sleep for 7. Weird, huh? The cat is reminding me - he is snoring. (And I was privileged enough tonight to have Nutmeg willingly sit on my lap for about 20 minutes, until Cheshire started playing with something in the hall.)



  1. Lovely quilt squares and fabulous eggs. The fresh eggs do have a standing up white, very jellyish.
    Sometimes I don;t talk to real people either- not imaginary ones, but Labradors!!

  2. Have caught up with something like 3 to 4 month's worth of blog over the past couple of days! I'm taking a hatchet to my blog list and only keeping a few I think, it should make it much easier to manage and to keep up!

    Very glad to hear of the good progress with your treatments! And N's job! And your job, where are you working?!

    I have any number of days where I don't talk to another person all day, not until G gets home anyway, I quite like being left alone though :-D

  3. Love those bright, fresh quilt squares and the white sashing will really set them off I think.

    I wish I had days where I didn't speak to another person; I could quite do with the silence!


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