Nom nom nom - a very nommy day

G'day all!

Choofed off to the gluten free fair today, and what a big day out it was! I met up with a friend and we munched our way around the fair. Lots of nomming. Lots of sampling of yummies.

Oddly enough I was hungry when I left. I was hungry after eating a good meal at home. I guess nibbling on the equivalent of two biscuits and maybe two pieces of bread during the day, plus one cob of corn, was not really lunch.

I managed to spend $100 on various packet yummies. They were all good prices - no point buying them at normal prices! I can do that in the supermarket or GF shop. I don't know where to put my new noms - my food cupboard is full of things other than food due to the kitchen remodelling. But I have some good yummies! I found a mix that reminds me of my once favourite bread (that I had forgotten all about until I tasted this muffin mix - the bread went off the market years ago), I tasted various things that I can get pretty easily and make up (but can one person eat that much cake?), I saw some stuff that gave me ideas.... I also took along my little trolley, a two wheeled cart, to take the stuff I bought.

One thing that is still missing, at least from the show, is non-dairy desserts. The US has a plethora of them, but here they are sadly lacking. However, I ate so many yummy breads today - we can do a nice loaf! Mmmm!

After that I walked up to the station with my friend and then discovered my sister, sister in law and niece were in the DFO (direct factory outlet) right next to the food fair. So I caught the tram and Shank's pony back again, only to arrive just after they left. Sigh. I did buy three linen shirts (not cos I love ironing, cos they were nice and I am happy to wear them crushed), one of which I plan to dye as it is creamy white. I also had a fruit smoothie (fruit and crushed ice, no milk!).

All in all, a good day, and I have very tired feet and legs. Will I back up for the gardening show tomorrow? Who knows!



  1. Hurray for a food fair especially for you. I have noticed in the posh deli at the corner quite a few GF things.


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