Pink ribbon day

G'day all!

It was a lovely day today. Maybe not very warm (though in the car? In the little greenhouse on wheels? Oh my!) but lovely and sunny and warm enough that I could go about in a tshirt. I wore lots of pink and my pink hair drew a number of favourable comments at the hospital (which had a sausage sizzle fundraiser for Pink Ribbon Day, and also two people sprayed their hair pink - they said they would dye it but nah, just sprayed it pink. I've got the real deal on my head and it ain't going to go away quickly!). I forgot to wear my pink ribbon though.

I am in two minds about the whole pink thing and breast cancer. In some ways I think it is OTT and in others? Well breast cancer is a bad thing, and raising awareness and raising funds to provide services to women (and the few men) with breast cancer is a good thing. But I sorta feel sorry for people with other forms of cancer who don't have access to people like the breast care nurses who have been so helpful for me.

Back to the topic of warm and fibrey goodness. It was warm enough that I bagged up half of the lovely white Polwarth fleece I bought at Bendi in July and rolled the rest up in some mesh and stuck it in the washing machine.

(No, I don't actually let the machine go through the wash cycle, well not usually but sometimes - yikes!, I just run hot water into it, put the fleece in, soak it, use the machine to drain the water, run more hot in, etc.)

And here is the result:


Mountains of lovely fluff. Look at these locks!


Aren't they divine? (Non-spinners don't have to agree) I flicked some out tonight and started spinning. I don't have a yarn in mind, well not really (though I think I will ply some of this with some fluff I've been working on slowly, some that is a gradient run and make a barber pole striped yarn). So far it seems to want to spin at a light fingering weight as a single, which means a DK to worsted weight depending on how I ply it. It is as lovely to spin as it is to look at. Even flicking it is easy - no matting or felting of the ends, it just flicks out. Ahhhh. (Bliss for my poor overworked forearms after all that weeding! Plus sticking my hands through the wire mesh fence that we have around the front of our property means I've bruised my left forearm quite prettily. I was careful not to hurt the right arm though - don't want lymphedema!)

I'm glad I got some things done this morning because this afternoon? Write off! The radiotherapy machines were being extremely naughty - two broke down, but my machine? A4? It was a good big honey (can't call something as big as a linac little) and kept on going like a trooper all day long. That still meant that my 1:15pm appointment turned into a 4:05pm appointment because they had to squeeze other people in on it (and A1, which also kept going like a trooper for most of the day). There was NO WAY I was not having radiotherapy today and coming back on Wednesday instead. NOPE! I AM FINISHING TOMORROW! I went out and came back two hours later - I was not sitting around in the holding bay for two hours! BORING! Plus I had some shopping to do anyway. (Dangit, forgot to buy more carrots - the ones at the market were either weeny or huge and I like em in between mostly.)

And since when did Woolworths (aka Safeway, the same one as in the US and Canada) get so scumbaggy? They won't let you use a debit card as a credit card any longer on the eftpos machines at the checkout. They also won't let you use them as credit cards at their petrol stations. They claimed that Coles have followed suit but not where I go! I can use my debit card as a credit card at both Coles supermarkets and petrol stations. If Coles does follow suit, I shall protest loudly and tell them I'll take my business elsewhere. I think it might be something to do with the everyday rewards card that Woolworths pushed very hard earlier this year, like getting some sort of vendor lock in thing like when you buy an Apple product. Or I may be completely wrong - not like that hasn't happened before!

DH arrives in Melbourne in hmm, 8 hours or so. I might have considered going and getting him if he wasn't coming in on the 5:45am flight.... but he will cope with going on Skybus and the train and ambling along our street to get home. I'll be so happy to see him :-D



  1. I have been boycotting Woolies since May this year, I worked out it would cost me over $500a year in fees for the pleasure of shopping at their stores. So I go to Cole and other smaller local shops instead. Pshaw to them. I can get along without them but it is Very Unfair.
    I am glad you waited and will be able to finish on the right day. Typical machines. T4 did you say???
    I was thinking of you today.
    I am not a spinner but that fibre is so long and wriggly!!!

  2. I was at Woolies last week and had no trouble. All I have is a debit card with the choice in that of savings/credit/cheque account. I've never had any trouble.


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