Stick a fork in me, I'm done!

G'day all!

No pics today, just


No more treatment. A4 was a good machine again today, a trooper, taking on other patients as well as its normal load. OK, we ran late but by 4pm I was done, like a dinner.

Stick a fork in me! (I do look rather roasted - if it gets worse I have to go back and get the boost area in particular dressed. Imagine a rather red sunburn, but only in one particular square of the body, with an extra 10cm circle within that part.)

Hooray. So glad it is done, in time for my birthday next week (when I will be at my most scorched pretty much).

Much celebrating. And DH is home too.



  1. Hooray, Hurrah, Huzzah!!! Happy Done-ness!!!

  2. Congrats Lynne! It was a long road but you made it!

  3. Congratulations! From now on it will only get better!

  4. Congrats! Good for you!

  5. Well done! What a mind-boggling journey you're on!

  6. So glad to read this post! Hope the burn settles down quickly.

  7. Yeah!!! Such great news!

  8. Yay!!

    (Happy Birthday for next week!! in case I disappear from the word again...)

  9. Hooray, Congrats!

    Very happy day for you with DH there as well.

  10. Anonymous2:00 am

    Yahoo, it's a long treck but hopefully worth it in the long run. Hope the 'sunburn' doesn't get any worse. Take Care and enjoy time out and rest.

  11. Hooray! Hip Hip Hooray for you!! Happy happy joy joy. Now go do a happy dance you deserve it.


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