G'day all!

Well after a few lovely days, BRR! Cold! We've returned to winter, with a day of rain and drizzle and greyness (though it was quite pink at sunset, alas on the other side of the clouds).

I was meant to be working today but alas, the sprogs of my employers have a gastro bug and oh yuck, I don't need that at the moment! So instead I trotted over there and picked up some papers to read. I've only managed to read papers for a little over four hours today plus an extra bit of online stuff and my poor brain has had it for the day. Still I've learned a useful bit of stuff for what we need to know.

I'm running up an SMS bill on the mobile now - DH got to Paris and discovered that his brand spanking new corporate card doesn't work. The magnetic stripe on it has failed already - the card provider rang him up and said it will fail sooner or later but should be good for a couple of weeks. In this case, not even a day of use! So I spent a while ringing our banks here to let them know that our cards will be in use in Europe. Just as well we have a little bit of credit remaining on one and some cash in the other! I've also emailed his boss saying what do we do? He has no internet or phone (unless he does what us plebs do - go to an internet cafe and use skype). Then his train was cancelled and they were cretinous getting him on another train - not like he showed up too late. But he's in Brussels now and settling in.

I've almost finished my eggplant shalom cardie :-) Only the weaving in of ends (18 of them for nine balls of yarn) and the button to be sewn on. Of course that means having a button to sew on. I shall raid the button jar and if that isn't successful, I'll raid Scroatfight, see if they have any buttons. (Of course they have buttons but will they be suitable?)

At some point I should show off the shameful amount of yarn I've bought from non-LYSes in the last two months. It isn't my fault they keep having massive sales. But it is my fault for succumbing! I feel very good about having made something from one lot of yarn though (the eggplant shalom cardie).

I am now in the last 10 days of radiotherapy. Only two weeks to go, YIPPEE! It is getting a little tedious having to go there five times a week. I am starting to get pink skin in the irradiated areas. The lines of pinkness are quite stunning in their linearity. Thank heavens one of them is covered. Having to wear scarves around my neck on sunny days is peeving (it stops me getting sunburnt - I don't care if people see!) but I have two lovely scarves from a lovely English friend that are doing the job well and making me look like some sort of fashion maven (in a tie dye tshirt? I don't think so!). And I didn't have to worry today - horrid day! My throat is getting a little sore too and my voice is getting huskier again. Egads I am over this stupid voice thing and dysphagia (swallowing problem) - if you see me start swigging water, you'll notice I nearly always stop quickly and start coughing. Something happened when I was on taxotere and now I can't swallow fluids without thinking about it. It used to be an automatic thing, now it is an issue. I need to find out more about why it is happening and will it go away cos it is mighty peeving. I've looked online but all I've found is stuff about women with secondaries and I don't think I qualify, though I don't know! I didn't have them with the last PET scan at the end of chemo and I certainly have had this problem since before them. I think it is a problem like the neuromuscular stuff I've had.

Anyway, I'll have pics of the eggplant cardie on Friday I hope. Gotta work tomorrow, assuming the sprogs are ok and back at school. (Hmm, am likely to be told off by the senior sprog - she certainly didn't like being called spawn by another of my contemporaries.)


Just to be sure that this isn't a photoless post, here's a shot of some sheep grazing in an amazingly green paddock. We've had a bonzer year for rain this year, the best in 10 or 12 years (ie we've had normal rain or maybe a bit more in some areas).

Time to trundle off to bed. I've got a cat trying to stop me from typing - he is alternating resting his head on my wrist or on the mouse. I have no idea how he could be comfortable cos half of him is on my lap and the other half is resting on the computer bench about 10cm/4" higher. Looks uncomfy to me but he is purring.

(Blow me down - I wrote this yesterday and forgot to post it again!)



  1. You are on the countdown then. Not long now!!
    I have trouble swallowing too, sometimes I choke on my own saliva if I am not thinking!!
    Oh no, Poor DH, stranded in Europe with bad magnetic tape, he is lucky he has you as back up here!!
    Only 18 ends? I do love the giant Bendigo balls with only ONE end!!
    Hope you aren't getting a cold??

  2. We have a whole week of cold coming, cruddy weather. Hope all of hubby's electronic gizmo's sort themselves out and that you avoid the sprog bugs and get through your radio in good health. Knitting in Botanical gardens is on Sunday :-)

  3. It has been miserable the last couple of days! And going to get worse over the weekend - what happened to Spring?

    Be thinking of you over the next week with the radio.


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