A dull and boring day

G'day all!

Be warned, today was dull and boring!

I did lots of stuff.


I got cranky - I'm still wrangling with Centrelink over the overpayment. I thought it was fixed but I was misinformed. So I paid the debt to stop them sending out debt collectors (over $210 mind you, compared to the people who rip the system off and get away with claiming many thousands of $$$ that they are not entitled to, and yes I used to work for them many years ago so I am not totally off the mark!). An hour on the phone, two different phone calls and they know I am peeved. I've had a different story each time I've rung them.

I got cooked again. Tomorrow marks halfway through Rad Camp. I will be so happy to be finished it - dragging off to the hospital five days a week is dull. Then again I'll be fussing like a fussy thing cos then I'll be on my own except for the three monthly check ups.

It was warm, sunny and windy early so I did three loads of washing. Then one band of rain came through so I took my nearly all dry washing off the line. Then it cleared up again and became warm and humid and sunny *and* windy. So I put more washing on. It is amazing how much washing one can find when it's the first time for almost six months that washing is drying rapidly.

I finished the mug rugs I've been making. These are effectively quilted coasters only a bit bigger so you can put your cuppa and a bikkie down without marking the furniture.


(oh dear, I only realised one of the backings is upside down when I edited the pic! Ah well, consider it a reversible photo, or it is perfectly fine if you like standing on your head!)

I had to go out to get thread to match the binding on the pinwheels one, but that was ok cos I needed cat food (fail! Only got them crunchies) and antihistamines for me (win! Hooray cos gosh I needed them! The capeweed is flowering and I'm horridly allergic to it. Even if I weed it out of my verge, it is in everyone else's and all along the railway and highway and everywhere...).

Mine are so dull and boring compared to some of the ones online, but they will have to do. My swap partner likes brights, whites and cats, amongst other things, which made it pretty easy for me since I like brights and cats too. And ignore the lack of laying flat. They can, if the wind isn't trying to blow them away. I doubt that they will ever have a straight line between them though... I guess I shouldn't be too harsh on myself - it isn't as if I a fantastic quilter or even have a good sewing set up at the moment. I did all the sewing sitting on the floor cross legged with my knee pressing on the foot pedal. I have to run my Singer on a transformer and the transformer is in the study, and the only place to put the machine is on the floor! I could move the transformer into the craft room but then I'd have to get the other transformer up and running and put it back with the amplifier... it is complicated!

I managed to tick six items off my list of things to do, and did a heap more things as well. I should put everything on the to do list but I forget to put it there and just do some of it anyway. Sometimes I put things on the to do list and then mark them as done after I've done them. LOL The to do list is a reminder list, not a "these are my only tasks" list.

I bored my husband to death, nearly, relating the tales of my day, which is to say NOTHING HAPPENED. Move along, move along.

Sometimes it can be good to have a boring day 8-)



  1. I love the idea of a mug/biscuit coaster. It would never do in this house, Labrador noses can sniff out a biscuit!!
    I quite like boring days- at least nothing bad has happened and that is a win as far as I am concerned.
    I heard on ABC Radio last week that Centrelink are pursuing small , often unfair debts, rather than large justified ones because they get credit for every debt they get, rather than for how much is owed.
    Your sewing position sounds like some kind of weird yoga activity, it's probably some kind of meditation!!

  2. Love the idea of a dull and boring day. Maybe a dull and boring week would suit me better but the only way that is going to happen is if I go away by myself for a week or if I send the boys away for a week. Not likely to happen any time soon. Glad your boring day was productive for you.


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