Happy Anniversary, Pusses!

G'day all!

A year ago, we trotted off down the AAPS and looked at cats.

So in this post, you get LOTS of pictures of the pusses. Apologies to anyone on dialup. Our days would be a lot more boring without the cats and their weird little ways and their hopeful eyes at dinner time.... The pics are in chronological order from last Feb.

(Nutmeg has put on a "little" weight since then- she was definately a stray. Her coat is magnificent now - was quite rough and dry when we got her)

Oh, and the sock is onto the heel flap already. Yay! I sorta cheated though - I am not doing three repeats cos the top repeat will not fit around my shapely leg. Yes, that is shapely, not fat. I wlak a bit an dmy legs reflect that. You oughta see my legs when I cycle a bit - those speedskater women would envy my thighs then! (Watched the speedskating and the women have THE most magnficent thighs! The men just cannot match those women's thighs and butts)

Progress pics of the knitting later. Along with a pic of a new addition to the fibre family....



  1. Happy cativersary! I particularly enjoy the upsidedown sprawl pictures. :)

    My legs are the same way - when I cycle, I get a lot of definition in calves and thigh. And I knit myself relatively short socks to deal with the calf muscles.

  2. Hi Lynn,

    It was nice to catch up with you yesterday (I won't tell everyone what your new addition is!)

    It's good, too, to think that there might be an extra benefit to the dieting and exercising I'm doing. Maybe I'll get shapely legs, too - it'll be a first for me, but I can only hope.

    Love the cats, especially those unusual poses!

  3. What lovely babies you have!! They are so cute. I love the face through the fence. They look very content and happy.I put lots of photos of The Labradors and never apologise to dial up people!! I am one and I don't care!!! Yes, I have ballet calves, still..I had lessons for 15 years and then did jazz and they are muscle not fat. I want boots this year but I am not holding out hope that any will fit around my 'shapely' calves!!!

  4. Those are some obviously content felines - you should be proud to be able to provide such a wonderful home to them!!

    I love looking at kitty pictures, no matter how many.

    Good luck on the sock front!

  5. I remember reading on your blog about getting your cats! Has it already been a year?!

    They are gorgeous too!

    Glad to hear the sock is getting somewhere! There is a chance for Gold yet :D


  6. Love the one with the beer bottle!

  7. Anonymous8:34 pm

    Beautiful pusses ! So glad to hear that some shelter cats got a (very) happy ending :)


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