Two rants and no pretty

G'day all!


We'll start with the pretty:

I realied that the butterfly wings pattern uses what we call five ply or maybe even 8 ply yarn, so I searched around for a wool blend (I don't have 5 or 8 ply tightly spun wool and worry that what I do have would felt and or pill and self-destruct quickly) and only came up with a 50 wool:50 acrylic that I could dye up. Ooops, forgot to get the yarn out of the dyepot. It's been in there since yesterday. I did turn the power off though. I'm not going to ruin more yarn by forgetting to turn the crock pot off, and then burn the house down....

Now for another rant. Not that long ago, I set up a knitting project for a person who will remain nameless. I managed to recruit a number of knitbloggers to help make the project. Two lovely ladies in LA took on the job of finishing the project and making sure it got delivered just before New Year.

Have any of us heard about it? Has anyone received thanks? I've had a few emails from the participants wondering what has happened. I don't know either, cos I can't exactly rock around to the person's place since I live in Australia and they live 15 hours away by plane. (Plus I am danged if I will give up my fingerprint until I really have to, soon to be retinal print as well, and I object to being treated like an enemy alien considering the amount of brown-nosing our govt does to the govt in question.)

So I am a bit ticked off (as used by my family, cos saying pissed off was enough to get your backside belted and a spell in your bedroom in my family home) with the whole deal. Lots of people made a lot of effort and got rewarded with a big fat NOTHING! No thanks, no I appreciate the effort you went to or anything!

Good things to come out of it? I got to meet a few new people (sorry if I am not keeping up with your blogs - it's been hectic here and I've been somewhat busy), and I discovered some nifty ways of blending colours to make knitting change from one colour to another.

To all those people who have started commenting on my blog, thanks! Nice to meet you :-) There are so many of you out there now that it is hard to keep up! I am going to cull some of my bookmarks and elevate others, and change my list of links too cos I am really enjoying some blogs that are new to me this year. I should also use bloglines more often, but setting up a hundred blogs on it is soooooo time consuming! (Then again, it is like the story of the man who is so busy he can't stop to sharpen his axe - is spending two hours setting up bloglines better than just randomly choosing a blog to visit and finding it hasn't been updated for days?)

I've stalled on the lurid uglee socks as I suddenly realised that Valentine's Day is coming up and I need to knit up DH's Valentine's socks - some Opal Prisma F1197 in orange with white stripes dotted with black. And then it will be time for the Knitting Olympics! (BTW, I've put the buttons on the side bar now or will quite shortly so you can find them and download them to your own server)

Here's what Martina's sock yarn paradise has to say about Prisma: New Wool, 25% of polyamide, 425-m run length, washing machines-firmly, 40 degrees fervently washably, softy and absorbent, does not guarantee frisking, extremely fertilely, not wearing, sympathetically to skin, durably, 100 gs of ball.

I am a bit worried about the "does not guarantee frisking" and a LOT worried about the "extremely fertiley." Ah the wonders of a babel-fish type translator! I also love the way half the page is in German - must learn to read German sometime.

I took the pic this morning (Friday) after I sat at the dr for half an hour waiting - I did 10 rounds in the waiting room.

This is sooo much easier to knit than the lace sock. It is now almost ready for the heel shaping. I am starting to think maybe I like doing fairly plain socks cos they are quick and easy.

Finally, today's date, 3.2.06, is special - 3 X 2 is 6!



  1. I use bloglines and although it can be a right royal pain in the arse, it also saves me loads of time. A quick scan means that I can see if my favourite blogs have been updated. Going through all my bookmarked blogs meant that I was missing some that had been updated and spending too much time flicking through the ones that hadn't. If that makes sense! You can get a plug-in for Firefox too that tells you when there are new posts to read.


  2. Sometimes you just have to vent. I hope you feel better now that you've gotten it out. And maybe DH can show you where he put your pics. I'd really like to see them!

  3. Oh no!! I have some socks in the green colour of Prisma!! As it's Summer I haven't worn them really, but now I'm a bit worried what will happen when I do!!!! I am a bit relieved about the 'not guarantee frisking' : who knows what could happen at the supermarket if I was wearing them without the guarantee???

  4. Yeah, that fervent washing is something to keep on top of!

    I use Blogrolling and it's pretty good - doesn't always work though. Some blogs don't show up as updated on it but now I know which ones they are I check them from time to time anyway. Whenever I decide I like a blog I bung it on there - though I need to do some culling and some adding now, I think, as my fave reads are changing a little.

  5. I've considered using Blogrolling etc. but in the end, I like my own list and if something hasn't been updated it takes me all of 2 seconds to flick back and on to the next site :-) And it doesn't rely on another external service to supply the link list feed.

    I used to put my pics on my webspace but now I just use Blogger's photo upload on posts. Seems to work OK.

    Sorry you have had no feedback on the project, I seem to remember some slight involvement from me! If I'm honest I was a bit disappointed when my sister rang on her birthday to thank us for her presents. I'd made the eyelet scarf in Noro, a yarn she'd picked out and liked from my stash well before Christmas. I just picked up a vibe that she wasn't totally thrilled with it - might be wrong of course. Just a bit disappointing when you've gone to the trouble of making gifts. And when I had some really lovely comments about it on my blog. At least everyone else liked it!

  6. Oh, that yarn looks gorgeous! And I love the socks - and I'm sad that the person you did all that for hasn't acknowledged or thanked you guys - that is very sad!!

  7. Bad manners do my head in! I try to remember not to knit for anyone who isn't going to appreciate the thought and work that goes into it, but I still get caught sometimes :(


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