G'day all!

Some days I am such a doofus.

Yesterday Nathan and I drove across to the good place to get mulch. Nathan drove and I knitted away madly on my heel flap (I am talking knitting a sock here...). I was counting rows carefully, but then realised that the heel flap seemed a bit long....

Yep, I had been counting every two rows but had not doubled the number. I thought it seemed weird that I had only done 13 rows yet the heel flap was very long... only 8 rows over what was needed!

Then the turning of the heel, some 5 hours later. For some UNKNOWN REASON I suddenly decided that after I had put the heel flap back on the needles after ripping back a few rows that I did not need to do any of the shaping for the turning of the heel and merrily picked up the gusset stitches. Now I am sure that I could pick up the gusset stitches and then go back and turn the heel but at the time I just unripped all of the picked up stitches and undid the row of lace pattern and started doing the turning of the heel.

Somehow the heel it was off by two stitches the first time around. And the second. Umm, like HELLO? Am I being really THICK here? But the THIRD time, it was fine! It was not for lack of ability to follow instructions, I just seemed to be counting challenged.

I wonder when I'll learn to count?

I must look at my Nancy Bush book and find out what sort of heel it is that I've turned. It made a nice rounded edge.

So at 10 days into the Olympics, I have managed to get half of a sock done - I've turned the heel and am on the gusset decreases. OK, so I ripped the whole thing out on Friday, but now I'll need to do a good two hours a day on it to get it and its mate to be done, if I am lucky! Thank goodness I have no kids!

You wanna see a pic?

That was from Saturday.

Make that several pics from today as well:

Honestly I don't know why my ankles look so thick in handknitted socks. They are not thick - they are shapely! And I know where a few of you are coming from with the boots thing. Anyone else out there have calves that are well formed? I'd love to get a pair of neatly fitting boots that don't make my legs feel like they are in a corset and don't have that lovely woman-(not-quite)-in-a-too-tight-a-dress roll of flesh hanging over the top. Why can't we get nice long boots rather than just little ankle boots?

The weekend was a ripper. I boughted (that's not a word!) something last week and picked it up at the guild on Saturday. DH has seen it. He is not too fussed either. I'll keep it for tomorrow - am very achy and sore today and sitting at the computer hurts cos we did lots of shovelling of mulch yesterday, but worse, I helped Nathan move a very large perspex/acrylic fishtank thing - it is nearly as big as a goodly sized desk but only about 50cm high. I can lift 20 kilos (60-odd pounds) from the ground but this thing nearly crippled me. "It's not heavy!" says DH blithely as I am standing there slowly straightening my legs as parts of me ping and pop. Back, shoulders, neck, ribcage. Even deep breathing hurts! I really must manage to persuade him that when the physio says a 5 kilo lifting limit, this really means I should not lift much more, let alone 30 or 40 kilos more....

To finish today, a pic from our trip into town on Saturday (more on that on the house blog, when I get a chance - sock is taking all my spare time except when I get sick of it and knit another curly whirly). The Commonwealth Games start soon and as part of the celebrations, we have forty fish parked on the Yarra. It's going to be a big deal - it will most likely be the last time the Queen comes out here cos the old girl's getting on a bit so we'll prolly be stuck with Charles from now on. Anyway, I took lots of pics of fish and here is one of them!



  1. At least that troublesome sock is gorgeous!

  2. See this is where the challenge of the Olympics comes in... sounds like performance anxiety to me :-)

    Going to be a lovely pair of sock when finished though. I absolutely adore the colour.

  3. It may have been alot of trouble, but that yarn and pattern come together beautifully!! They will be stunning :)

  4. Sock's looking good - and yes, isn't the heel nicely rounded. I like it too. Other heels look a bit 'pointy' sometimes, but this is gently curved!! I think there is so much depth to sock yarn, and then a pattern too - they aren't streamlined like thin bought socks. I'm wearing my wizard socks now, inside my walking boots, fresh(???) from The Labradors' constitutional!!!

  5. Socks look great! Good to see them coming along well! There is Gold hopes yet! I knew you would get there..


  6. Socks are looking great, tricky little buggers that they are, oh yes I am speaking from experience, I spent two hours yesterday on 1 row. Unpicking, knitting, unpicking......get the picture.


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