Knitter on the edge

G'day all!

I took my knitting down to the Yarra today and sat on one of the bollards right on the edge of the water. 20 minutes of knitting and I didn't drop my needles into the water, even though the water was almost under me! I certainly would not be jumping into find the needle if I dropped one in. For starters, that bit of the river is navigable by smallish craft so it can't be any less than two feet deep, and second starters I know what Yarra sludge is like.

Remember how little boys smell when they play in the mud on the school oval? Multiply that smell by a factor of 10. That'll give you an idea.... I love the Yarra but you really don't want to play in its sludge. Nope the reflections on it will do me just fine.

Tomorrow I will start the heel flap. Yes, you read aright - the heel flap. This sock is rocketing along I guess (touch wood, don't listen to what I am saying O knitting goddess, please don't whack me!) that I've grokked the pattern at last. Hooray!

This afternoon's murphy was an optimist story:
I go to set up the laptop for the training being run by another area. I have it all ready to go 20 minutes before it is needed. yay me! I settle down with my knitting (!!) waiting for the people running the training to show up.

I notice a little message on the screen, "Updates installed. Restart now?"

Bottom! If you don't restart, it gets grumpy and either won't work or restarts all by itself.

So I restarted it. All ready to go 8 minutes before the training starts.

Then in blows the assistant who deals with the computer part - clicking buttons and showing people where to do what. "The photocopier is playing up and I haven't got all the copies I need!"

So I offer to go get the copies needed. The copier I'll be using is on a different floor and should be fine.

Except it has crashed after the document feeder did something funny.

Crashed badly enough that it has to be hard restarted.... And takes 5 minutes to boot up. Drok! (what comic strip is that from? It is a pity the copier couldn't meet Judge Boot.)

(Oh for the days of the mimeograph and that yummy purple print of my early childhood - gosh it was good to sniff!)

Then it takes about two minutes to print out four copies of one four page document. Fast? Ummm, no....

I got something in the mail today! Pics tomorrow I hope. I've got so many pics to show and no time to edit them. Sigh.



  1. It does sound like you are rocketing right along!

    Here's what Wikipedia had to say about "drok": "drok/drokk - from 2000AD's Judge Dredd; used as a general expletive; likely modification of German/Yiddish Dreck"

  2. When I first started teaching, only 21 years ago!! we still had those purple metho stencils!! I loved making them and the smell of them!!!! Sadly we moved on up to photocopiers...Well done with the sock, not long to go now!!!

  3. looks fantastic! i do have a favor to ask of you. i've got this delicious sock yarn for my sockpal000za, and i don't knwo what pattern to use. i'm thinking aobut using the same pattern you are (i can't spell it, and i'm too lazy to go look for hte name, lol, i just know where i saw it, lol). do you think it would look good in the yarn i'm using. i'm going to post the pic in a minute. go ahead, go look. i'll wait.


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