Let the Games begin!

G'day all!

I have the yarn. (handwound ball but I am getting a ball winder for Valentine's Day! OK, I have to go buy it and maybe even wrap it myself but still it is what I want)

I have the needles.

I have the pattern.

I even have my own cheersquad of cats.

Gentlepersons, we have the technology. We can knit those socks!

Let the games begin!


  1. Hope the northern hemisphere people are making allowances for the fact that the Opening Ceremony is on the TV here at 5.30 AM!!!!! I'm sure you'll all be up then, casting on like mad!!!!

  2. That yarn is gorgeous.

    A ball winder for valentines day, I love that idea .
    Where do you get ball winders from and how much are they?

    Cats cheer? Hmmm I must have lazy cats, they don't cheer, they just sit on the yarn.

    There is hope as I scanned through yarn harlots blog and it states you can start at 2pm YOUR local time, so 5:30 am can still be sleepy time :)

  3. I casted on and have already frogged it once. Grrrr, I hope your doing better:)

  4. That is really nice yarn. Good luck with your Olympic bid!

    Do I remember the Goodies? You bet! I still love Bill Oddie, he does wildlife programs over here now. Dangit! Now I'm gonna be singing that song to myself *all* night! Just don't make me start on The Funky Gibbon.



  5. Your yarn will be absolutely perfect for the Hippo Socks!!Have fun!!!

  6. I started mine last night..Let the Games begin indeed...As long as the "games" are on the tv..and not on the needles! lol

    LOVE the yarn!!! Cant wait to see them all done...

    You have a cheersquad of cats..I got an Distraction Squad of Kids ;)


  7. Good luck Lynne. Sounds like a good Valentines present to me.

  8. Good luck! And make sure those kitties STAY AWAY FROM that yarn!
    (just checking out the competition in the Olympic village).

  9. Good luck! I know you'll do great!


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