And it's more GOLD for Australia!

G'day all!

Well it is all GOLD GOLD GOLD here! yes, I have not quite done a Bradbury, cos I've seen a few who are much more under the pump than me (say Hi to Steph, everyone!), but here is the gold medal winning outcome:

Yes, two socks!

A toe

a fuzzy shot of the heel (very hard taking pics of your own heel unless you have abs of steel)

and a BIG thank you to my support crew!

Project: pomatomus by Cookie A from the Winter 06 Knitty. Yarn - Cherry Tree Hill pot luck blues/purples. (No, I have not yet washed them. Yes I did get lots of colour on my hands and my bamboo needles are now green. Very pretty.) I finished them last night when I was supposed to be at a friend's birthday party. Ooops.

*phew* it is done! Now I can get back to normal things, like knitting socks. LOL and spinning! I've prepped some more fleece tonight - I dyed it a while ago. here's some of the locks before puffing (note that they have badly damaged tips - this was a lamb fleece and I presume she had a bit of meconium in the tips)

and after I fluffed them with a dog slicker using the tile you can see in the first shot to protect my legs:

People use vinyl to protect themselves from the slickers/combs. I don't like vinyl. The tile cost 90c, has high embodied energy (bad!) but can be reused (it can be smashed up and used in potting mix.)

After an afternoon moving sheet metal and large lumps of timber, grinding out rot from a post of the garage, moving mulch, chopping down plants, brushing out a heap of 3/4 finn/merino cross dyed fleece and three blog posts, I am done in for the day! Have a nice week, y'all - I'll be back




  1. Lovely socks and woot! for an Aussie gold.

    I'm going to have to do that pattern next I think.

  2. Beautiful socks! Congratulations on winning the gold.

  3. Congrats on getting gold!! They are GORGEOUS!

  4. Where is Norman May when you need him?? Gold CD and a bunch of flowers and tears in my eyes as the national Anthem plays!!!!!
    Great Hippo socks!!!

  5. Congratulations on your gold! Those are very cool socks indeed.

  6. Your socks turned out great. I love the pattern and the yarn! They look great!

  7. Awesome socks, well done.

  8. Congrats Lynne they're gorgeous!

  9. LOVE the socks! They are gorgeous!

    Congrats on being a fellow Aussie Gold! We did well!

    Poor Steph hey?! I hope she made it in the end.


  10. Congrats on the socks -- they are fabulous!! Don't blame you a bit for casting on another pair of socks. ; )

  11. Thank you so much for the wool . It is better than I expected ,again i appreciate it sooooo much .
    The colour blend in your finished socks is gorgeous.
    well done


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