Cobalt bloom

G'day all!

On Thursday, this came home with me from our craft night, this, this most bee-yooti-ful skein of Socks that Rock in Cobalt Bloom (I haven't found the cobalt yet):

I would call the STR mercerised, if it was cotton. It has a sheen to it that is absolutely gorgeous. Peevish gave it to me in return for me getting her some Lorna's Laces. I am still undecided as to what to do with the STR - it seems too pretty just to wear on my feet! Noone will see the beauty of this yarn if it is inside shoes! For the time being I just drool at it. (Oh and it is a subdued colourway for me - I tend to go for colours that are strong and bright)

I thought the CTH yarn was pretty until I handled the STR, and then whammy! The CTH is dull and boring now!

DH's sock is halfway through the shortrow heel at this stage. I thought about an afterthought heel (boom boom) but the shortrow heel requires no grafting. Grafting requires me to know where all my wool needles are.

I'm two days into an antibiotic course (sinus woes) and they are starting to bite.... ick!

My nephew came 8th in the final. He swam a slower race than he did in the heats. I am blasted impressed though - someone in my family is almost good enough to join a sporting elite. He is still 19 and has a lot of maturing to do physically if his competition is anything to go by. Apparently one of my second or third cousins represents Australia in horse riding but I don't know them, plus whilst horseriding requires a lot of work, it is not like grinding up and down in a swimming pool for hours and hours. Ugh. Can you tell that whilst I enjoy water, I do not like swimming?

Today's whinge - some copper or someone pretending to be a copper (unlikely) has been hanging around our area. Before 7am on a SUNDAY they drove around and around the area with their siren on. Before 8am they again drove around and around the area with their siren on. It is almost impossible to sleep through a siren that appears to be doing laps of your house. (I say almost impossible cos Nathan just demonstrated that it is possible.) It has to be a copper cos fire trucks are really noisy and also have those american style blaaarting horns (ask me how I know - something to do with fire trucks leaping out from behind semi-trailers through a red light without using their sirens) and ambos don't go round and round - they just get to the point cos their potential passengers are already panicking enough without an ambo stuffing them around. Plus you don't need sirens for most of the trip around here - there are two sets of lights that might need them, but you don't need sirens all the time. Not when traffic is non-existant and it is a very sleepy residential area early on a Sunday morning. Grump.

Finally, what could this be?

Todya we are of to the Digger's Club in Dromana. Must make sure I have charged up batteries for the camera. Should be pretty!



  1. I've a yearning to try STR yarn, I'll be interested to see how you find it before I hunt for a upplier that ships to the UK! And best of luck to your swimmer!


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