Day Two!

G'day all!

It is now the dawn of day three of the Olympics for us Aussies. What do I have to show for it?

Do you get the feeling that my weekends involve something other than knitting? Maybe a bit of stuff around the house, maybe a bit of going out and doing some shopping? I was quite pleased with my progress until I saw that. Then I thought about people making shawls and got a bit concerned about how pathetic my project is. A lace sock or two compared to a whole shawl?

So far the pattern has been easy to handle. Once you've gotten the pattern set up, it is reasonably obvious where everything goes until halfway throught he pattern where the YO and K2tog tbl have to swap over. Then it becomes obvious again. I admit to not using the pattern for every row. I am sure something will whack me around the ears sooner or later. (I did rip about 8 rows yesterday cos I had stuffed up but it knitted up quickly cos I knew what I was *meant* to do not what I *had* done.) I am sure it will get interesting around the heel by the end of Day Three.

The husband sock continues too - I am on the shortrow heel now. That means only 13.5 more repeats of the pattern before it is done - by the time the shortrow heel is done, I am on the home straight! I only have two days of train knitting to get it done. Can I do that and get past the heel on Pomatomus?

The Nut seems to have fallen asleep whilst washing her belly. Weird position for a cat to sleep in. She is on her favourite chair on her favourite cat rug. The chair comes from Home (that mythical place where you grew up) and we are going to restore it cos it is more comfortable than the chairs we have now. Only problem is the cat loves it!

That's yer lot for the mo. More updates later!



  1. The socks look great! The colour looks fantastic with the stitch work.

    I am starting to think I should have tried something harder..Cruising through it way to fast..But then up coming week is a tad busy.


  2. I've started my day, catching up on your posts (littlebird is watching kidsTV and Mr B is in bed- lucky b****d!) - still, you've bought a smile to my weary, bleary face and yet another sock pattern to add to my collection (feed the fetish, FEED the fetish! lol)
    Olympic chant now started for ya - 'Go Lynne, Go Lynne !'

  3. Looking great so far. Isn't it too too annoying how life gets in the way of knitting, Olympic or otherwise?

  4. that looks gorgeous! i saw today it had to get frogged, but it will look gorgeous again. i love the colors :)

  5. That look gorgeous, the colours really show off the texture of the pattern.

    So what if you have to rip back a few rows here and there? Is that not practically inevitable with yarnovery back-loopy type patterns? *cheers for Lynne*

  6. Beautiful colours!

    And such an elegant cat!


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