G'day all!

I am a bad blogger, again. I have been a bit busy and am currently under assault by two cats that jealously want me to themselves. We have a rental inspection tomorrow - lord knows what they will think of the half sanded floors....and our wails about the mice and rats.... and the two new cats that don't get along so far....

If you are bored by cat stuff, jump a couple of paragraphs. Otherwise read on!

Yesterday we went to the animal refuge in Keysborough. We spent an hour and a half dishing out pussy love to a range of felines. I thought I'd get upset there but I found it quite a good experience. It was nice patting all these cats and getting totally covered in cat hair and all itchy and hayfeverish. I do hope someone takes home the lovely shy black cat who hid behind the kennel for a while then crept out and said hello to me and just wanted to be patted over and over - an older couple would be good for him. Or Molly, a bee-yoo-tiful white cat but we couldn't have her cos she is indoors only - she will get skin cancer if she is outdoors much. The little black and white girl who leapt onto Nathan's shoulders from the window ledge should get a home pretty easily. The little boy who sat and howled soundlessly at everyone who went past should also find a place. He was beautifully socialised. I am not so sure about some of the cats finding homes quickly, like the blue-cream torti burmese cross who was oddly lumpy - funny shaped head and lumpy body. Weird. She knew she wasn't coming home with me.

Photos tomorrow of the ones we brought home. Chester might still be on the page at AAPS. These were the most friendly cats we found. Chester is having a name change cos it is an odd name for a girl cat (even is she is speyed). The other one was called Tiger but like how boring! I wanted a tortie but I didn't really get one, though the cat formerly known as Tiger is a weird tabby with a very apricot belly, muzzle and ears. She is guarding me from Chessa at the moment. I think I've been adopted. They both wander the house in search of us. Tomorrow I go to work and they only have Nathan instead. That will be good cos he needs a bit of being harrassed by cats. I've had a weekend of it. I am glad they are cats and not babies cos I think the sheer responsibility would overwhelm me.

You live in Melbourne, Oz, and want a cat? Go to the AAPS or the RSPCA or the place in Coldstream, go get yourself a pre-loved puss. Save a feline life or two. Just be prepared for the wails on the way home.... LOL!

In knitting news, I've made significant progress on the teal wrap that I have not shown any pics of apart from the yarn about a week ago. I am working on the little baby singlet. I have to do the arm bands and sew the side seams, but first I am embroidering the "baby" on the front.

And the cats both are fascinated by knitting yarn but a bit scared of the spinning wheel.

Pics tomorrow, when I am running somewhat earlier in blogging!



  1. You DO NOT want a tortie!!! Ask any small animal vet - torties are mad! Both your V. cute moggies look exactly that - moggies! Great, mate, they're the best sort! And they will train you well. Madame apricot-tummy is a lush and a sybarite, and is about a week away from owning the bed. The other one MAY display cursory interest in the rodent problem - good luck, and keep a wary eye out for small soggy bodies in strange places!


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