Stop the press! 8pm update

G'day all!

Stop that press! I have news! Good news!

See? It is done! Almost - I can't find any wool needles. This is an ongoing thing for me - I buy wool needles to finish off a project and next project I finish? No needles. I even put them in the one place, now, and they are gone by the time I next want to use them. I think there must be a wool needle imp out there who likes to eat all of my wool needles. It is the only rational explanation (!!!).

Once I have a way to do the grafting, number one sock will be done! Hooray!

Of course any good story has its little dramas. The last drama on this sock was running out of wool just 3 metres short! ARGH! I had to splice some, rather crappily I may add but it will hang together and be a nice sock so that is all that matters. Noone will ever know, except anyone reading this blog - make that a few people will know!

Number two sock can be seen next to number one sock in the top picture. Number two sock is now almost ready for the pattern to start - almost but dinner got in the way. Had to do pesky dinner things and managed to overcook the chook - I really need oven bags for it. Still the carrots were done to a turn and if it had been a nice pumpkin it would've been brilliant. Yum!

Dang! My stupid stats counter showed me a pic that said someone from *Iraq* had dropped by my blog. Only problem is that when I tried to grab the pic, it updated to today's info. So no image. I've just spent 10 minutes trying to nut that out. But I'll still wave to the Slovenian, the Italian, the Germans and the Finn who have dropped by! G'day! And G'day to the rest of you, whereever you may be.

The pics I promised yesterday will have to wait for another day. I have to go do Other Stuff, like some dishes and go for a walk - too much couch potato stuff happening at present getting these socks done.

Today's handy tip? When knitting in the round, it is a very good idea not to randomly pick up the needles and start knitting without checking where you should be knitting from. Not that I did that today. Never! Not me!



  1. That sock is gorgeous.

    *covet covet covet*

    You're right, I really didn't need to ask Peeve what her knitting obses... er, interests were!

  2. Yay, number one sockie is done! Looking good.

    Love those big mechanical/sculpture fish in the previous post too.

    Take care of your back, and perhaps DH needs to ask a similarly beefy 6 foot friend round to help him lift horrendously heavy objects :-)

    Looking forward to the stitch markers too :-)

  3. So pretty - almost done!!

  4. Yes. I am always losing the wool needles. I think "I'll put it here so I know here it is" and even though that place might be the needle box, IT IS NEVER THERE when I look next time.
    The sock looks gorgeous and beautiful!!!! Only less than one to go now!!

  5. The wool needle imp must have a twin who lives round at my place. Why can I keep sharps from ten years ago but need a new wool needle every time I finish a jumper? I have finally taken to keeping a wool needle and a pair of embroidery scissors in my sock bag and if they come out they GO STRAIGHT BACK IN. So far it has confused the imp - so far ...

  6. That sock is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

    You are half way to a gold medal.



  7. Oy! I can hear you and Chris making fun of my yarn obsessions, you know!

  8. Well done, gorgeous sock yarn, I used to lose my wool needles til I learnt to therad them, tie the yarn in a loop and attaach the loop to the same pin as my stitchmarkers and put the whole tangled mess into a small box that lives in the tray of started socks! As I start a sock most days I almost always know where my stitchmarkers are and hence my wool needles!


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