G'day all!

Guess what I got in the mail today?

Two parcels!

It was ever so sweet of the postie to jam one of them into the letterbox - it didn't really fit in very easily. The other one was sitting on the door mat - a much better place! I am not sure the spider that got squashed in the letterbox would appreciate the postie's efforts, although it may be in some spidery heaven now with many fat and juicy flies flinging themselves on its palps. I know I didn't like the spider legs poking around the edge.... If it wasn't raining a LOT here, I would've taken a pic of parcel in the letterbox.

Today you get only one lot of yarn porn.

This lusciousness came from A Piece of Vermont. Wave to Jessie and Stacey!

You need closeups of both the yarns - this one is not in my normal colour range but I like to challenge myself once in a while and it is bright and happy:

Whilst this one is very, very me - a mix of greens and blues, like some limpid pool of water on white sand:

Here's an update on the uglee sock. You guys seem to think it isn't too bad. Well, I've been using the lace pattern from SockBug:

and I think I like the lace pattern more - breaks up the stripes somewhat.

Oh, and one of my friends used to say that "cute" means "ugly but interesting" and that is how I find the socks I guess - they are ugleeeeee but they are interesting. Though I do feel myself slightly pulled towards making a pair of socks for DH for Valentine's Day.

I also have a strange pull to make something other than socks. I am still working slowly on the wavy shawl but since I am making the pattern up as I go along, sometimes I just have to leave it whilst I figure out what to do next.

I might make something that any "purist" knitter would find in bad taste but heck, I need me another stashbuster and this would bust some stash alright! And you know that I actually rather enjoy using novelty yarns. There, I've said it in a public forum. Half the SnB will want to burn me at the stake now. Plus I could make another curly-whirly. If I make another one, I'll join the blog group.

Oh, I also need to make another little cardi or bolero type thing. I don't really want a shrug cos most of them are not very fitted and this new cardi thing will be worn at work, so it needs to look noice. Any suggestions?

I've been doing a bit of research on the health risks of obesity and in particular metabolic syndrome. A very recent news release has a picture of the epidemiologist who led a very large study. His face is smooth and rounded, his jaw rounds gently outwards down into his neck and disappears into his collar. His chest rounds out gently. Is he taking any notice of what his own studies are showing?

I also cam across this tidbit from WHO:
Drowning may occur when a person is caught in a tide or rip current, is trapped by rising tides, falls overboard from a boat, becomes caught in submerged obstacles, or falls asleep on an inflatable mattress and is carried out to sea.
(Lynne's comment - what a way to go - imagine waking up in the middle of the ocean!)

In swimming pools and spas, drowning or near-drowning and other injuries may occur close to outlets where suction is strong enough to catch body parts or hair...
(Should I reveal that a certain someone, known as moi, managed to make body parts or hair into hairy body parts, which then leads to bizarre thoughts about suction and hairy body parts, and like I don't wanna know!)

On that charming note, I bid you



  1. Oh, that yarn is gorgeous!

  2. Pretty pretty pretty! I'll show you my new yarn if you show me yours!

  3. That yarn looks absolutely awesome. Sorry to hear the poor little spider got squashed though.

  4. Did someone mention 'uglee'? That's my cue, lol. Nah, those socks have character is all. Individual.

    And I like that you're getting a bit bold in that new yarn. The blue-green one is gorgeous too isn't it?

    You tell your SnB there's a place for novelty yarn and knitting and not to be so po-faced, lol. The steek boa is on my list too.

  5. I have had a minute silence for the spider,though I think his passing was a good one - crushed by a stash of yarn? what a way to go! lol
    My needles have been fumbled to within an inch of their lives while I lapped up your yarn porn - luurve the pinks - And am I the only one that thinks the Uglee socks rock ?

  6. Yay for the Steek Boa, and it's on my List of Things to Make And Do too! And I'm in the same SnB as Lynne!! There's a few of us who are closet members of the non-stake-burning other half!

    Yummy new lusciousness too! Lucky you - now make sure you Use It Wisely, LOL.

  7. GORGEOUS yarn, and the stripey socks aren't too bad, honest :)

    I've used that 'ugly but interesting' definition for cute since my high school days (and no, I'm NOT telling you how long ago that was!)... think it was from an earlier version of the Oxford English Dictionary?

  8. Love the new yarn! There was a huntsman spider lurking on the lounge wall yesterday but it was too dark to photograph him. Today he's vanished.

    My first thought on seeing the Steek Boa was that it would be lovely made out of some luxurious, soft yarn with silver thread through it. Doest the silver make it novelty yarn?

    If you did use novelty yarns, you'd have to be careful to chose soft ones or it might be like wearing a scourer around your neck.

  9. Firstly, Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying HI :)
    Your ugly socks don't look ugly to me although I am liking the lacy pattern more. If you really really don't like them, Miss B (my 12 yr old daughter) says she likes them :) LOL
    And yes, as much as I tend not to really want to wear anything much made with novelty yarns there is ALWAYS a place for them.Kid's, friends and family always seem to like them.

  10. Crikey it sounds like some folks need to chill out - what on earth is wrong with novelty yarns?! They are great for making prezzies like quick scarves for one thing :-) Life would be ever so much more boring if the self styled Knitting Police had their way :-D

    You definitely have enough stash to bust some on a boa anyway :-) And I very much doubt you'll have to go out and buy a fuzzy yarn like I did!

  11. thanks for the comments on the blog - go on you know you want to make a boa ...!


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