Guess what I am knitting now?

G'day all!

well the excitement of finished the socks for the knitting olympics is dying down. I did consider grafting my head onto Alisa Camplin's (from 2002) and putting my my socks on her legs but there are no photos online that I can find that show her on the podium with flowers, medal and LEGS! I would not be fussed if she only had legs from the knee up but like grafting my head and my socks onto her legless body would look more than odd. But almost worthwhile...

So what do you think I would like to knit next?


Finish off the long neglected picovoli?

A nice little short sleeved top I can wear at work?

A nice little bolero in blue to wear at work on the days when the air con goes nuts?

A little lacey top as a cover up at work?

Or this....

Yep, another sock.

This is in yarn from A Piece of Vermont. Very nice and cushy to knit with. Yummy!

The toe is a Turkish cast on, as described by FluffyKnitterDeb, which I found on Clementine's Shoes. This is a totally brilliant cast on. I have not yet tightened up the stitches but it makes this wonderful undetectable cast once it is tidied up.

What is it about me and socks at present? Is it because I can knit plain socks on the train and go around and around and around with nary a thought in my head beyond "Do I have to do the heel yet?" Is knitting a sock "comfort knitting?" I know my fave pattern off by heart (it isn't a pattern - it is more a recipe. 64 stitches even for my fat luggards of feet with fingering weight yarn, turkish cast on of 10 stitches (was short row, then figure 8 but Turkish is the best - see below), knit to where I want the heel shaping, do either an afterthought heel or short row with about 10 stitches wide at the turn point or graft, then knit to where I want the cuff to end. Voila! Along the way I can add a basic pattern if I want.)

I am sorely tempted by this. It is a thing of great evil and temptation. Peevish has already fallen prey (quelle surprise!) to its evil siren call.... Of course if you don't want to knit socks out of lush yarn then it won't prove tempting at all! Nor will the link on Peevish's blog....

I finally downloaded two pod casts last night. At last I have heard the dulcet tones of the Yarn Harlot for myself. She sounds like my workmate, which is not surprising since M comes from Toronto, though after almost 5 years here with her Aussie husband she is becoming more an Aussie. Plus I got to hear Annie Modesitt talk. That was interesting too - definately east coast accent there. I am going to try combined knitting cos I want to go FASTER MAN! Paton's here are holding a fastest knitter competition and I want to brush up on some fast knitting, though if I understand anything about combined knitting, it uses the Western style knit and a different purl. Since the competition is only going to use knit stitch I *think* (I'm not dead sure about that) learning combined may not help much. But if it is stocking stitch, I am all set! OR I will be, if I can start purling differently.

Ack. nearly 20 past 8 and it is getting dark here. Oh well. In another couple of months it will be dark by 6:30 and then 5:30. That is the cycle of the year for you!



  1. Socks good. STR are even better. Go on, you know you want to!

  2. Lynne, I'm glad to see the yarn is getting to see daylight! Keep the pictures coming.

    You know, I often try to respond to your comments and emails, but I get spam blocked when I do. Is there a way to get back to you?

  3. Lynne, have you tried this cast on? It's sort of like 1/2 a Turkish cast on, but requires no tightening up. Completely undetectable and my all-time favorite toe-up cast on. Very speedy and NOT fiddly.

  4. There must be sock fever going around or something! It seems like everyone's knitting socks.

  5. Socks are definitely comfort knitting. And good portable knitting.

    But I luuuurve tubey. Must make tubey soooooon.

  6. I LOVE that sock yarn you are using! Girl you have taste when it comes to colours.

    I am trying to resist the sock urge. I want to get a few of my UFOs finished up first. Though I have my little bag made for my by the darling 2Paws ready with yarn, needle and pattern to start my first pair of socks for myself! When I free up the time! lol



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