A Sunday ramble

G'day all!

Well what a marvellous Sunday I had. Sunday was my day - we did what I wanted to do. Had a very slow start - something to do with a bad sleep - 2am the cat wailing at the door (ignored cat, went to toilet instead, stood on cat whilst stumbling back to bed), 5am - car alarm goes off for second time (not my car, ignored it), 6:45am - siren, 7:45am - siren. Remembered the maple syrup for my pancakes (DF, GF, YUM!). Wandered around the house doing not a whole lot.

Got my gear together and went for a drive down the peninsula with Nathan. Our goal? Heronswood, home of the Diggers Club. Heronswood is a magnif old estate with quite extensive gardens that are used for trialling new fruits and vegies and flowers for the Diggers Club (sorta like Seed Savers in the USA). They have a rammed earth and thatched cafe that uses fresh produce from the Heronswood gardens. But first, a stopover in Dromana. Nathan got a disgusting lunch (fish and chips - beast! Just cos I can't have them) and I found cheap but excellent sock yarn that I can dye up. The nifty craft shop was not open - just as well too cos they have a sale on and I love bargains.

We wandered around the backstreets of Dromana as I tried seat of the pants navigation in my quest to get to Heronswood. I knew where it was but not exactly how to get to it. (We nearly had a wet seat of the pants when the lid of my gatorade didn't go on properly.) So we drove around a bit and went halfway up Arthur's Seat - excellent views and what an excellent day! (but guess
who had forgotten her sunscreen?)

I knew that a little track would take us almost to Heronswood, so off we drove. We had an adventure! Only problem was instead of turning right at the end of the track, we went left. Ooops. After a 10km diversion, we arrived at Heronswood. It was about 300m from where we had turned left. LOL

The main building of Heronswood is 135 years old. Not old by European standards but plenty old by our standards to get one of these:

The house is magnificent. Nathan wants one just like it, only not the same (LOL). The roof is so intricate compared to houses these days, which are all built to budgets that only allow for boring rooflines. Heronswood is built of bluestone with limestone corners and a slate roof.

I loved the use of garden stakes around the duckpond walk. I also loved the reflections in the green water (a web page of pics will be coming soon but we can't find the nifty little script that makes the page automatically). The garden stakes would come in very handy if the ducks turned out to be the zombie vampires from hell....

Unfortunately the display vegie gardens are suffering a bit from the heat, so they were not as wonderful as they will be in another month, or were three months ago. We bought lots of seeds for the vegie patch and garden to be :-)

Nathan had afternoon tea (orange syrup cake with rosemary, and lemon myrtle icecream) and we toodled home, quite happy with our day.

We thought we were tired but seeing Heronswood inspired us to get out into the yard. (Modest manor update to follow tomorrow)

At the same time as we attacked the garden, I washed out some fleece I had dyed the previous day, got a load of washing on the line, etc and pottered around the yard.

To round out a lovely day, Nathan cooked me a yummy dinner, I watched two eps of B5 (am going through the whole series - just started on season 2), did a bit of spinning and then watched half a doco on CS Lewis. He was so very English - he didn't marry until he was in his 60s and then didn't get to know Joy for very long. (Joy was his wife's name, and joy is what she brought him.)

Today's work moment of amusement:
After lunch, my lift stopped at levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 on the way back to level 12. Normally this would make me grumpy but
a) I got two more rounds of sock done, and
b) the man who had pressed level 9 hopped off the lift at level 8, where someone else got on.

I bet Mr Level 9 got a shock when he realised his desk had changed completely from when he left it before lunch....

The DH sock continues apace. It is getting quite long now - I am well into the cuff. I am very glad that DH has teensy feet for his height. He has tried it on and thinks it fits nicely. *phew!*

Here's another shot of the boy hanging out with a buddy at Heronswood (thankfully not as literally as the buddy is....)



  1. What a fun day! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Soooo.... cheap sock yarn to dye up, you say? Where exactly was this source? Tell!

  3. What a lovely day! The house and grounds are magnificent!!


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