OMG progress

G'day all!

I have made progress on the sock. I have turned the heel and am heading off down the foot! Yay me!

Photos? It was craft night. No times for photos.

Plus I got some Vesper sock yarn! Kellie got it for me :-) It was so nice to get something pretty, and I am one of only two people who are known to have Vesper yarn in Australia! It is nice being special.

Photos? Well it is dark and no photos. Photos later.

My days are being total and utter drags at present. I am not happy at work. I feel that it has been decided that I am a Crap Trainer and whilst they need a trainer and need someone with my research skills, they are not willing to invest any effort in upskilling me. Money? You have to be joking! We can spend $1500 on someone else, but you want to do a $200 course? (Guess who is considered to be a good trainer? Not the person who did the expensive course, no never, not at all!) Sigh. I am not that bad a trainer. I am not the best in the world but I am by no means terrible. Getting told you are not a good trainer and then basically being told to go away and make yourself into a good trainer with no funding, no help, no training and no feedback saying what I am doing wrong is simply WRONG! Why bother giving feedback with no solution or options?

And I am still cut that Andreas died. After how many years of being a heavy smoker, he stopped smoking once he was diagnosed. Too late! Sigh. If you smoke, please, for your family's sake if not your own, give it up. It's not too late. I watched my mother slowly die from bowel cancer that metastasised to her lungs and believe me you do not want to die like that with your lungs turning to concrete over a six month period and every breath such an effort that you are exhausted simply from breathing. Giving up smoking will do you so much good and there'll be more money for yarn!

OK off the soapbox. I just hate seeing people smoke their lives away. I know it is a true addiction but if alcoholics can stay off the booze, smokers can fight the smoking bug.



  1. I'm sorry that work is such a pain at the mo and hope it gets better soon.

    It's a strange thing how we get upset by the deaths of people on tv but it happens to me too. It's especially sad when they die too young. I'm pleased to say I've nagged my husband into giving up smoking (again!) recently.

    Hey, at least the socks are good! :)

  2. I'm so sad to hear about both work troubles and the loss of your riend.

    I have equally militant anit-smoking views about smoking because of it's relationship to the passing of mym mom at much too early an age.

    Good thought are streaming towards you!

  3. Yes! ACMA emailed me yesterday morning to tell me about Andreas. He was so young. He was excellent in Legend of the Rangers - which I thought was pants really....I wanted more proper B5, but I have the DVD now and I've seen it. Smoking : I agree. In Tasmania we have banned all smoking in restaurants and bars, clubs, pubs etc and we are thinking about banning smoking in cars transporting children.
    Good going with the socks!!!

  4. Sorry work is getting you down. It sounds like as usual, like most big corporates, they are trying to get something for nothing, by telling you you need to "improve" and giving you no resource to do so. B******s to them is what I say :-)

    Good to hear the socks are progressing well. A little bird tells me that something might be winging its way to you tomorrow *whistles innocently* :-)

  5. Interesting about the Tassie smokin ban. Parliament has just voted in a total smoking ban in enclosed public places, think it comes in next year. Some seem to think that this means people will smoke more at home, exposing children to more smoke, as they can't smoke at the pub any more. I think the idea of outlawing smoking in cars carrying children is a good idea, how well can it be policed though? I feel so sorry when I see kids stuck in a car with the driver/passenger furiously smoking away.

  6. I'm sending a big virtual knitter to knitter hug over as I type - I'm hoping it will feel like a soft merino/cashmere chunky cable afghan with long fringing that you can run your fingers through while you gather your thoughts and read the comments on here.
    I'm still cheering for my Olympic gold winner btw !


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