V day

G'day all!

Gosh it's been really busy here at the Modest Manor! I've only just started eating dinner and it is 10pm!

Today was Valentine's Day. This is the first year I thikn that Nathan has wrapped my present. I wrapped his presents cos he asked me to.

Did I get the prisma socks done?

You'd betta believe it!

I cast off the last stitch just as the train pulled in to the station three from mine. Doesn't he look delighted and surprised that he got socks for Valentine's Day (NOT!)!

Since I cast off three stations before mine, I had just enough time to do another round or two on the Olympic socks. Pretty pathetic effort so far, eh?

I've not even caught up to where I frogged it from yet. But the pattern looks right this time and it is working well. The boy socks just got in the way.

The boy also got a new toy - this cordless hammer drill comes without a battery pack. Instead you buy the packs and the charger separately. You can also buy a whole range of cordless toys, oops, tools such as a weeny little cutesy circular saw or a reciprocating saw or a jigsaw or even a chainsaw! They all take the same battery pack. We thought this very nifty. So he got the hammerdrill. He plugged a battery pack in and it went vroom!

Oh and what did I get for Valentine's Day?

I got a girly toy! It was *such* a surprise - after all I went and bought it at lunchtime. I would never have guessed that was what I was getting for my Valentine's present. Did I mention that there was a 2.9 kilo comeback fleece there too that was less than $30? it didn't come home with me, well not today anyway. I have to go and pick it up on Saturday. LOL My bad!



  1. Wow, those socks are looking good!

  2. Your socks look great!! Both pairs. I do think the Pomatomus look so nice in those colours. Very cool: buying your own present. Sometimes it's the only way to get what you want!!! Nice drill!!!

  3. Woohoo, man-socks! They look great. As does Pomatomus.

    I am making a sterling effort to post a package to you tomorrow, in between doctor's and hairdressers appointments!

  4. Love your Olympic sock. And the boy socks look very fine.

    I wandered over here via Peeve. Rumor has it yer another gluten-free knitter...

  5. I reckon the man looks really pleased with his socks!
    RAFLMAO at your pic. Great :-P


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