Go Craig!

G'day all!

My second oldest nephew has been swimming in the Commonwealth Games trials this last week. I went to see him swim the 200m breast stroke this morning. The top 8 go through to the final. His time was 9th fastest but since the finals are ONLY for the Australian swimmers and the second fastest was from New Zealand, Craig is in the A final! He'll be on the telly tonight, so I am going to see if Nathan can record it for me.


(This blog will resume somewhat more normal function soon, particularly when my many pics that I want to share with you will load into my directory instead of into the root directory)



  1. Ah, good - that's one thing to watch tonight! Sorry can't record it - last time the furniture got shifted etc everything got unplugged, and the TV just goes into the aerial and electricity plugs. Need an off-spring to plug assorted boxes into each other!!
    Mental note to self - Must not read blogs in a hurry - I had you yesterday doing 10 rounds OF the dr's waiting room ... and wondered whether you had some strange new fitness routine, LOL.
    PITA about the afghan project! Some people are, unfortunately, just Not Very Noice!


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