Day three "progress"

A frogging we will go, a frogging we will go, hi ho the dairy-o a frogging we will go.

G'day all!

I looked at what I had knitted this afternoon and though it looks NQR. So I kept knitting anyway. Blind faith and all that.

Then I looked this evening and realised that for some reason I had not put the yarn overs in
a) where they were needed, or
b) at all in various spots.


By the time I had frogged back to where I could pick the stitches up again, I was back in the first repeat! But it does look right now, so very thing is good. After all, this is the Olympics and unlike those poor people who only get one shot to Get It Right, I can frog again and again until I get it right!

Thank goodness I am not making a shawl, else I'd be crying into my water (should be a strong drink but that will make me crook) by now!

Next we have progression, rather than regression, I shall take pics.

The husband sock is on the home straight - I am on the cuff and started the 4X1 ribbing. Only umm, 11 repeats to go I think. Should be easy peasy lemon squeezy, assuming I don't stuff up and start randomly putting yarnovers into it to make up for the lack of them in pomatomus! Pus I've been fixing up the fleece I dyed last weekend and have been spinning it. I will use the singles to make something nice eventually but I haven't finished spinning what I've prepped or even prepped it all yet. Should be enough for a small shawl. And we've done lots on the garage this weekend - it has most of its walls back again now! Hooray! Next for the rendering!

Thanks to my cheer squad! You guys are fab, even if I am not! LOL



  1. Bah Humbug!!At least you can fix it!!! Cheer, cheer, cheer!!!

  2. Bad luck about the frogging but try, try again.


  3. Bugger!! I keep patting myself on the back for having the good sense to only be knitting 1 sense for the Olympics, lol, or I'd be tearing my hair out about midway through!!! (not that I've actually seen any of the Olympics yet....)

  4. Yes but what a sock!

  5. Darn them pesky yo - I swear its not your fault (yes, talking crap just to cheer you up!!)


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